Epic Libs (Paid Version)

Epic Libs (Paid Version) Not your dad's mad libs game; Epic Libs is a great new variation on a classic.

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  • Epic Libs (Paid Version) screenshot
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Why Epic Libs? If you need some way to break up life's dull and humdrum moments, if you need to boost creativity in that overworked brain, if you need an ice-breaker during a hot date or simply a new and humorous take on your favorite book/movie/song.....this is your game.

A new milestone in word gaming, Epic Libs has features that will blow you out of your (patio). We have done away with the long, tiring input forms and boring mad lib displays to bring you an experience unlike any other.

-Random word generation to facilitate faster gameplay.
-20 movie reviews (converted to mad libs)
-20 novels (parts of novels)- (converted to mad libs)
-Mad Libs that can replace words in songs as the play in real-time. (Songs are native to the app.)

EPIC LIBS will be updated constantly.

-Keep Libbing The Dream!-

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