Idle Tower Defense: Fantasy TD Heroes and Monsters

Idle Tower Defense: Fantasy TD Heroes and Monsters The perfect blend of Idle and Tower Defense! Without repetitive tap tap tapping!

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  • Idle Tower Defense: Fantasy TD Heroes and Monsters screenshot
  • Idle Tower Defense: Fantasy TD Heroes and Monsters screenshot
  • Idle Tower Defense: Fantasy TD Heroes and Monsters screenshot
  • Idle Tower Defense: Fantasy TD Heroes and Monsters screenshot

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Idle Tower Defense is a free, innovative blend of genres that is a breath of fresh air in the all-too-similar idle / clicker / incremental / tap game market. This is no simple tapping or clicking game - it mixes exciting TD (Tower Defense) gameplay in with idle / incremental game elements, and avoids the repetitive tap / clicker mechanic. Between the strategy of choosing when and where to place heroic towers, making use of powerful skills and magics, collecting a plethora of powerful bonus items, and the constant progression and huge numbers that idle games are all about, Idle Tower Defense is sure to please any fan! And it is free to play, so give it a try!

- Active Play: No painfully repetitive tap tap tap tapping! The active play aspect of this game involves using tower / hero skills, constantly upgrading, collecting power-ups, and focus targeting enemies and monsters.
- Idle Play: Let the game play itself! Creeps will constantly spawn, and you can progress through waves without any work on your end, and with no fear of losing!
- Infinite Play: A true incremental tower defense game - the waves go on forever with increasing difficulty! How far can you and your heroes push?
- Free to Play: No pay walls! The game is free and you can continue to progress forever without paying a dime.
- 20 unique and creative towers, each with their own specialty and powerful skills. Well, they are more like heroes than towers, and everyone loves heroes, right?
- Various tower types such as Frost, Poison, Multi-Shot, Splash, Chaos, etc.
- Defeat a powerful boss at the end of each wave to progress to the next.
- Play 5 different mazes. Find the most optimal strategy and towers for each one!
- Collect over 30 different pieces of Equipment to strengthen your towers.
- Collect one of 9 powerful Auras for every 15 waves you complete.
- Collect up to 20 unique Blueprints with diamonds earned via Prestige.
- Level up 24 influential skills on the Skill Tree with skill points earned via Prestige.
- Offline gold, daily play bonus, and several achievements.
- Ever-changing weather visual effects and nice 3D fantasy-style graphics.

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