My Tarot App - Card Reading Premium

My Tarot App - Card Reading Premium

Get your personal tarot card reading by your own - Get our Lenormand Tarot App

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  • My Tarot App - Card Reading Premium screenshot
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With our Tarot Card App Premium you can choose from different spreads and get even more.

Depending your life situation and interest, My Tarot App gives enables you to choose from:
- one question – one answer
- past – present – future
- pro – contra
- decision – help
- love – relationships
- the chance
- the way
- browse all cards

++++ Only in PREMIUM ++++
- A save-function and your own description
- Ad-Free
- Our big Thank YOU for supporting our work and making other developments possible

Explore all of the spreads, they are all useful, no matter if you are looking to make an important decision, or you are looking love tarot cards for love and relationships.

The Lenormand Deck is a collection of 36 cards whose interpretations far outweigh what they may ordinarily infer on a surface approach. These cards wield the power of divination to an extent and one might decide to read them for different reasons, from different viewpoints. They are symbolic; they stand for and represent something.

One of their striking features is that these cards are keys that open doors to myriads of possibilities; indeed, they are a microscope of broad meanings. These are capable of multiples of meanings. However, the Lenormand Cards are not really straightforward per se; most times, they are ambiguous and one may have to relate what one is going through with the card one draws from the deck. A myopic-minded person cannot fully comprehend the messages of a Lenormand irrespective of their knowledge base. This is so because in-depth analyses of these meaning-laden cards require patience, understanding and familiarity. They are, after all, a means to, usually, discerning oneself and discovering what the future has in stock for one.

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