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Are you one of the many women and men who spend a bit too much time thinking about the toilet? Maybe you wonder whether you’ll get to the toilet in time, or if you pass urine a bit too often or a bit too little each time. If so, we think you should download UroLog, the app that helps you record your toilet habits and makes it easier to talk to medical staff about the problem.

With UroLog you use your phone or tablet to log your drinking habits, toilet visits, any leakage and how you feel. The app then summarises the logs in figures and diagrams, giving you a clear idea of the scale of the problem. You can also have the results summarised in a document. It’s a good idea to take your phone or a printout of the document and show it to your doctor or nurse.

• An app for women and men who wonder whether they pass urine too often.
• Simple log function for feelings of urgency (when it feels as if your bladder is full and needs emptying), toilet visits, drinking habits, mood and any leakage.
• Possible to see links between different parameters such as fluid intake and number of toilet visits per day.
• A good basis for discussion with medical staff.
• Easy to monitor improvements if treatment is prescribed.

Please note that UroLog is not in any way intended as a replacement for professional advice. If you have any questions or doubts about your health, you should always seek medical advice.

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