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  • Bebuzzd - Loyalty & Rewards Screenshot
  • Bebuzzd - Loyalty & Rewards Screenshot
  • Bebuzzd - Loyalty & Rewards Screenshot

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Bebuzzd is a mobile loyalty rewards program that lets you earn points & redeem the rewards from your favourite outlets. Each outlet will have their own unique earning & redemption models.

Be it a cup of coffee from your nearest coffee shop, or a hair cut from your favourite salon or a even at your dry cleaners. Get rewarded for being loyal.

Use your app at different Bebuzzd locations to earn loyalty points. Accumulate your points and redeem amazing rewards exclusive for Bebuzzd loyal customers. Download the app now, for free !

How earning and redeeming points work :

1. Download the app and register

2. Click on nearby and the app will show you the nearby outlets partnered with Bebuzzd loyalty program

3. Earning Points - After your purchase from any of the outlets listed in the app, click and earn points and select your outlet. Then enter the purchase amount and the staff will authorise your transaction. You can also earn points by scanning the QR code in the iPad placed in the outlet.

4. Redeeming Rewards - When you reach a reward the same will be highlighted on your app. Once you click on it, ask the staff to authorise your transaction and you can claim your reward. You can also redeem rewards by scanning your QR code in the iPad/scanner in the outlet.

5. All your loyalty programs will be listed separately in the home page.

Some other features of the app are listed below :

DEALS - You can check out for deals listed by outlets nearby. This gives you an opportunity to check out various products/services from outlets nearby at amazing DISCOUNTED rates. You can open these deals using Bebuzzd chips

FEEDBACK : You can send a direct feedback to the manager of an outlet through this feature.

PROMO CODES : You can refer your friends to your favourite outlets and earn free vouchers for you and your friends.

Our program is currently active in DUBAI, SHARJAH, ABUDHABI, AJMAN, AL AIN & RAS AL KHAIMAH. We are adding new businesses from all over UAE to our program on a daily basis. If you want your favourite outlet to be added to Bebuzzd, kindly drop us an email on and we will get them onboard.

For any other support, feedback or recommendations, please send us an email on

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