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  • Midland Realty 美聯筍盤 Screenshot
  • Midland Realty 美聯筍盤 Screenshot
  • Midland Realty 美聯筍盤 Screenshot

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全新美聯筍盤App 提供最新香港樓市及物業資訊,讓用戶搵樓更方便快捷。

[首頁置頂 - 全港大型屋苑樓價走勢]


已儲存的搵樓條件, 有新增樓盤會便會推播通知

除新盤的基本資料,亦提供發展商提供的售樓書、價單、銷售安排、成交紀錄冊、分行資料、以及申報已遞交的購數意向登記。增加資料既透明度, 讓用戶隨時隨地掌握先機。

[生活優惠 潮樓影片]
除樓盤資訊,亦會介紹一些品味潮流,生活上的優惠 ;

The new Midland App provides the latest Hong Kong property market and property information, allowing users to search properties in a more convenient way

[Price trends of large housing estates in dynamic way]
In order to let users easily grasp market information and learn about the latest price trends, a dynamic price trend index is shown at the top of the main page.

[Powerful search engine with multiple criteria filtering]
In the search page, users can find properties by choosing to filter by districts, estates, price or size. The latest price trends of the results are also displayed.

[Push notification feature]
When properties are added to “My favorites”, the system will send a push notification to alert the user whenever there is a price change. The user will also receive a notification when there are newly available properties that matches his/her saved search criteria.

[Readily available first-hand property information]
In addition to basic information on new properties, the system also provide sales brochures made available by the developer, price lists, marketing arrangements, the transaction registry record, branch information and declaration of submission of registration(s) of intent. With increased data transparency, users can take advantage of new opportunities.

[Lifestyle information and videos]
In addition to real estate information, we will also provide information on the newest lifestyle trends and the benefits of Midland Club. Various videos are also available introducing Hong Kong’s many districts, offering a new perspective on the property market.

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