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“Pet Health-Care Memo” is an application to keep the health record of your pet (e.g. daily rearing, hospital visits, etc.).
You enter names of pet facilities (e.g. hospitals, glooming salons, pet shops) and type medical treatment received, drugs given, goods purchased etc.
Moreover, you can take a maximum of two photos by touching “Camera” button.
By using this application, you can check past record such as “When did my pet go to the hospital?” and “When did he get trimmed last time?”.
(How to use)
-----Initial Setting ------
- Set up your pet’s name, sex, birthday, profile photo.
- You can register “pet shops” and “hospitals” you usually go to.
- You can register medical treatment received and drugs given.
------Recording -------
- Date is automatically set.
- You simply touch “Enter” button after recording drugs, comments, or pet photos.
- You can check health status of your pet by looking at “History”.
- With the option specified, the latest photo taken is displayed on Pet selection screen.
- You can register as many pets as you would like.

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