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App Growth Meetup: Deezer Case Study on App Seasonality

by ,  Marketing Executive at AppTweak Events

True to two of our main core values ‘Learn’ and ‘Play’, we organize regular ASO meetups in the United States and all over Europe where ASO professionals can get together and learn from each other while also sharing a drink or delicious breakfast! The aim of these meetups is to bring together mobile marketing experts and exchange trends, tips, learnings about App Store Optimization in a fun environment.

Last week the AppTweak team partnered up with Deezer and Phiture for an App Growth Meetup in Paris. In case you couldn’t make it to this Meetup, here’s a quick recap of what we learned from the Deezer Case Study: Seasonalities and Trends in the App Stores.

👩‍💻 Who were the speakers?


Simon Thillay

Growth Marketing Manager @ Deezer


Aude Boscher

ASO Lead @ Phiture, a mobile growth consultancy based in Berlin


Gwenaëlle Kollegger

Business Developer @ AppTweak

⁉️ What was it about? A meetup for ASO professionals with a presentation on a Deezer Case Study explaining how seasonalities and trends influence performance in the app stores (We also enjoyed some cold drinks, a well-deserved refreshment during this hot summer night 😎)

🕠 When? Thursday 27th June 2019

🇫🇷 Where? Deezer’s amazing offices @ 12, Rue d’Athènes - 75009 Paris

🔍 Recap: Here is a recap of what we learned about seasonalities and trends in the App Stores

Lesson 1: App Download Velocity and Seasonality in the Music Category

User habits and behaviours impact app store search behaviour. This is reflected in peaks or contractions in the number of app downloads in the Music Category. Factors such as specific months and days of the week have an impact on the variation in the downloads for the music category in France for both the Apple Store and Google Play.

E.g.: For the Music Category in France, there seems to be a peak in the number of downloads during the weekend. This can be related to the fact that people spend more time during the weekend at home or in leisure activities.

Lesson 2: How to Identify Seasonal Trends

There are different ways you can identify specific search trends related to seasonality: Google Trends, Apple’s Search Popularity History, or just by analyzing your own downloads or sales data.

Check out more about AppTweak’s Apple Search Popularity History

🔥 On AppTweak, you can see what is trending or identify seasonal trends with our Top Growth keyword feature. The feature identifies keywords that have gained or lost a lot of Search Popularity in the last 7, 30 or 90 days.

E.g: Here we’re displaying keywords that have gained the most Search Popularity in the Apple App store in the US in the last 30 days.

To optimize your ASO strategy, try to identify seasonal trends that are relevant to your industry. Be proactive and find creative ways to use these trends to make your app stand out in the app stores.

Lesson 3: Combine Seasonal Marketing with ASO

App Stores are the bottleneck of all acquisition channels in the app industry, as every acquisition channel eventually drives users to the app store where they can download the app. ASO can both play on and contribute to ad recall if you align your app storefront with other marketing channels and initiatives. That means that when you are running seasonal marketing campaigns, you should take the time to update your app creatives as well as it plays a crucial role in asserting your brand.

E.g.: In 2017, Deezer’s User Acquisition team partnered with Tinder to promote music streaming for Valentine’s Day. The app creative was updated to match the marketing efforts for Valentine’s Day.

Lesson 4: Seasonal ASO Works!

Deezer shared some of the results of the seasonal campaign they ran in December. They worked with French artists and created covers of famous Christmas songs to create a playlist ‘Le Grand Noël. Alongside a broader marketing campaign (TV + Cinema), also app creatives were updated with a Christmas theme. The campaign was very successful and app downloads increased with more than 300 installs, every day, for two weeks straight.

E.g.: Example of how Deezer updates the app screenshots for seasonal events (Christmas and New Year). Deezer updated app creative to match the Christmas TV campaign they were running at the time. Screenshots were updated a few weeks later again to take advantage of the ‘New Year’ trend.

Lesson 5: Don’t Forget About Local or Cultural Events

Special events such as Ramadan, for example, can have a high impact on your app’s downloads in countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). During this period, local apps related to prayers are boosted. Therefore, a nice tactic could be to partner with a local player and get creative on how to follow up on this trend to boost your app downloads.

🤓 Each app category moves differently, however, seasonalities can have an important impact on its growth. Here are some key takeaways for you to remember:

  • Evaluate customer behavior for your category by month or day of the week
  • Take advantage of seasonal trends to boost your app’s downloads
  • Combine ASO with other marketing efforts
  • Be creative and follow local trends

💡 What do you think is the seasonality in your category?

Below you can find some pictures about the App Growth Meetup in Paris with Deezer and Phiture last week. Make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter or Linkedin feed to make sure you stay up to date on our future events. We hope to see you soon at one our ASO breakfasts or happy hours!

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by ,  Marketing Executive at AppTweak

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