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AppTweak Integration with Business Intelligence Tools

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Have you ever wanted to show your clients or management the impact of your ASO work on an app’s rankings? Check out AppTweak’s new integration with BI tools. In a couple of clicks, you can export all AppTweak’s data and combine it with other external sources to get just the insights you’re looking for.

The $100 question

If you’re an ASO expert, you’ve probably asked yourself this question more than once: How can I show the impact of my ASO work on my app’s organic performance?

Although ASO is now recognised as a “must do” in the app industry, proving the impact of regular keyword updates on an app’s organic rankings, impressions and downloads is always a tough one. Yet, reporting is essential, either to convince your manager to unlock the budget for your ASO department or to show the value of your ASO work to your clients.

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AppTweak reporting and monitoring ASO tools

As a thorough AppTweak user, you probably know that AppTweak already provides a series of graphs that help measuring the impact of your ASO work on your app’s organic rankings. For instance, you can compare your app’s visibility against competitors on a set of keywords or monitor the percentage of targeted keywords for which you rank in the Top 10 organic results.

But all this app ranking data is even more interesting when combined with your app’s search impressions, organic downloads or any other data source you’d like to confront it with.

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AppTweak integrated with reporting BI Tools

The new export format we’ve implemented in AppTweak makes it extremely easy to export all of your app’s data and integrate it with any business intelligence tool you are using. This opens many opportunities in terms of reporting. In a couple of clicks, you can compile data from several sources and choose how and what to show to your manager or client.

You can confront your app’s rankings progression for a high-volume keyword with search impressions or compare your app’s category rankings history with the number of organic downloads.

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Here’s an example of some interesting insights we got by comparing AppTweak data on the Coinbase app and on the bitcoin’s stock price.

Coinbase vs. Bitcoin

We wanted to see if there was a correlation between Coinbase’s app ranking and downloads in the US “All” Category and the bitcoin’s market value.

We first had a look at the app’s downloads history in the “All” Category over the past year in AppTweak.

AppTweak US "All" Category

We then checked the bitcoin’s stock price history over the same time period. Looking similar, right?

Bitcoin stock price history

Now what happens when we put both graphs together? In a couple of clicks, we exported the data from AppTweak, choosing the appropriate custom date range and uploaded the file in Tableau, a leading business intelligence reporting tool.

Once both files were uploaded, we could compute a graph that compares Coinbase’s category ranking against the bitcoin value. We used a logarithmic scale for the Coinbase app ranking. The results are astonishing!

Coinbase’s category ranking against the BTC value


To sum up, the new export format makes it really easy to export AppTweak’s data and combine it with other data sources in any business intelligence tool (Tableau, Qlik Sense, Chartio etc.) making it possible to create amazing reporting insights.

It’s a great opportunity to finally prove the impact of your ASO work on your app’s organic downloads to your clients. It’s also a great tool to report to management and present the data you want the way you want it. You can compare app rankings with search impressions, keyword rankings with Search Ads impressions, category rankings with organic downloads and so much more.

We’d love to hear your comments on this, what data are you looking forward to compare?

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