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ASO Client Testimonial: Brian from Medisafe

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ASO Client Testimonial: Brian from Medisafe

Brian Carr uses AppTweak to see and track all the major ASO levers in one place. Discover his testimonial and learn more about his ASO routine and challenges.

Brian Carr, VP Growth at Medisafe.

What is your experience in ASO and what led you to pursue ASO as a profession?

I’ve been fully immersed in mobile ASO since 2012 - when I noticed a massive increase from 3% to 13% in web traffic coming from mobile devices during an 18-month period on a B2C website I was tracking. It’s where everyone was heading!

What need or problem motivated you to search for a solution like AppTweak and how does our tool answer to it?

AppTweak gives the ASO professional access to all the levers and KPIs that can make your app successful ~ along with a depth of real-time knowledge about competitors and category benchmarks. A must-have.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with ASO? What should they keep in mind? Where should they start?

Start with AppTweak. It is the perfect tool for the ASO beginner for three reasons: 1) Very intuitive interface allows you to see and track all the major ASO levers in one place; 2) An impressive array of first-timer/tutorial videos on what certain ASO metrics mean and why they are impactful; 3) The AppTweak team’s global reach, data and vision allow you to expand and scale when the time is right to other localized markets.

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Can you give us an example of a major ASO decision you made and how it impacted your business?

Here’s one: Using multiple screenshot background colors globally. ASO professionals understand the impact of their app screenshots in the localized app stores, and we know that even background colors matter. For example, a white background on screenshots can give a person a sense of purity or cleanliness in some countries; in other cultures it is used for funerals and symbolizes death - not good for a health or medical app.

What is the biggest ASO challenge you’d like to overcome in the coming months? How are you going to attack it?

One of the biggest ASO challenges are the “known unknowns” ~ the mysteries of changes and new updates evolving from the App Store and Google Play environments. Is everybody seeing this trend or just us? Is the category as a whole seeing a conversion lift this month or just us? Somebody just saw a big boost, was it a one-day feature or a lasting impact from a change their title or description? AppTweak absolutely gives you vision into deciphering the daily and weekly updates that drive conversions.

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In three words, why AppTweak? How does AppTweak go “the extra mile” to serve you?

Why AppTweak: A MUST Have. How does AppTweak go “the extra mile” to serve you? Always Improving Features.

If you could create a “super app”, what would it do?

Eliminate diseases.

Anything else?

Never stop testing!

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Brian leads the Growth team at medication reminder app Medisafe, with more than 5 million users in 150 countries ~ and 200,000+ app reviews with a 4.6+ rating. A passionate ASO practitioner, Brian’s goal is bringing Medisafe’s life-saving reminders and medication information to all patients and their family/friend caregivers worldwide.