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ASO Client Testimonial: Christian from Customlytics

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ASO Client Testimonial: Christian from Customlytics

Christian Eckhardt uses AppTweak to manage his clients store visibility at Customlytics (app marketing company). AppTweak’s features help him increase organic downloads coming from store search and browse. Discover his testimonial and learn more about his ASO routine.

Christian Eckhardt, co-founder at Customlytics.

What is your experience in ASO and what led you to pursue ASO as a profession?

I have held numerous different roles within the app marketing ecosystem over the last years. My first main focus was on media buying when I was in charge of the performance app marketing for Delivery Hero. I had to spend high 6-digit marketing budgets every month just for the apps in the German market alone and quickly realized that app store optimization (ASO) was an important proxy for my campaign performance. This was followed by engagements in the field of mobile product management and later on heading the Mobile CRM efforts, still all within Delivery Hero.

I then started Customlytics together with my former Delivery Hero buddy & partner in crime Raul in 2016. With Customlytics we advise on all topics around app marketing - especially but not limited to the technical infrastructure (tracking, analytics, mCRM, …) required to grow your app business. Given the significant impact that ASO has on everything you do to promote your app, we still offer it as a service at Customlytics today.

What need or problem motivated you to search for a solution like AppTweak and how does our tool answer to it?

Our clients come to us with different marketing needs but in most cases it comes down to optimizing their app store appearance before commencing with any other efforts. Since we are working on multiple and multilingual ASO projects we needed a tool that is user friendly and easy to use for (multilingual) keyword optimization. AppTweak simply ticks all the boxes for us here compared to other vendors we tested.

The other nice thing about AppTweak is that the service you offer is very transparent, meaning our clients don’t have to provide the tool with their Play Developer / iTunes Connect console credentials to make use of it. This creates another level of peace of mind and creates trust on the client side.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with ASO? What should they keep in mind? Where should they start?

First and foremost you have to grasp the main concepts behind ASO to figure out why it matters and how it will help you to achieve your goals. Next up you have to understand how to get there. Luckily the mechanics of ASO are quite the opposite of rocket science which is why the majority of our clients can do most of the work independently, after we have shown them how everything works.

We would advise any marketer just starting off with ASO to get familiar with the different components of the product page (= app store page) in the stores first including texts, ratings / reviews and visuals. This helps immensely in the optimization process and we do not think that there is a point in optimizing something you did not fully understand yet.

Secondly it is important to realize which of those components drive visibility for the organic search and which components are important for the conversion rate from page visit to install on the other hand.

The third advice would be to stay focussed on getting the basics right in the beginning as ASO is one of these topics where the famous 80/20 rule applies (80% of the results coming from the first 20% of the possible efforts). Just try to stay away from self-proclaimed experts that use vocabulary like black / grey / white hat ASO or other typical marketing mumbo jumbo trying to sell you the topic as if it would be black magic.

Without a doubt ASO is important but you will most likely not become the next Pokémon Go just on ASO activities alone.

Can you give us an example of a major ASO decision you made and how it impacted your business?

As our business is growing and we are constantly trying to improve our services we had reached a point where our previous approach towards producing app store visuals (screenshots, videos, feature graphic, …) was no longer scalable. Up until that point, we did not have any internal design / graphics resources and were having all the graphic jobs being carried out by external designers we knew.

Hiring several designers that work for us now as a permanent part of the core team has drastically improved both the quantity as well as the quality of the output we are delivering for our clients. Being in the office with the rest of the team, our designers have a much bigger chance to actually get involved into our app store optimization activities which clearly leads to better results for our clients.

On top of that, we have seen that traditional brand marketing agencies that our clients work with actually struggle quite a lot with adapting their mindset to the app store side of things so offering design services from mobile first designers ourselves made perfect sense for us.

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What is the biggest ASO challenge you’d like to overcome in coming months? How are you going to attack it?

We think the next big thing in ASO for our clients will be Apple Search Ads once they hit our home market Germany and other central European countries. Running campaigns for international clients in the past, we have already seen outstanding potential to take your app store game to the next level on iOS so we are pumped to bring that to our European clients as well.

As with every new opportunity, challenges arise from this. In that case it’s mainly the interface that Apple provides which is not as advanced as Google AdWords yet combined with the possibilities to actually run A/B tests in the App Store for the first time now (requiring lots and lots of graphics resources to have all the creatives produced).

In three words, why AppTweak? How does AppTweak go “the extra mile” to serve you?

Supportive, practical, transparent.

If you could create a “super app”, what would it do?

So we went ahead and did a little survey amongst our team members in the office today to see what apps they wish would exist. The clear winner based on creativity: A navigation app for cyclists avoiding and alerting you of cobblestone streets (unfortunately a very common thing in Berlin)

Anything else?

Thank you and keep the good work and handy keyword features up and coming :)

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Christian started his mobile marketing career at Delivery Hero in Berlin. His initial focus was on the mobile media buying side when he was in charge of performance app marketing for the German market brands of Delivery Hero. Subsequent roles included responsibility for mobile CRM and product management for the company’s international app business. After several years working in the Berlin startup-scene Christian co-founded Customlytics in early 2016 with former Delivery Hero colleague and partner in crime Raul Truckenbrodt. Customlytics provides hands-on guidance for all topics around mobile app marketing, analytics and technology, and is organiser of the Berlin Mobile Marketing & Growth Meetup.