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ASO Client Testimonial: Daniel from Pixel Federation

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ASO Client Testimonial: Daniel from Pixel Federation

Daniel Rysan uses AppTweak to scale up and grow the ASO focus at Pixel Federation. Discover his testimonial and learn more about his ASO routine and challenges.

Daniel Rysan, Performance Marketing Manager at Pixel Federation.

What is your experience in ASO and what led you to pursue ASO as a profession?

I got involved with game/app business in early 2012 and have been dealing with ASO since then. Everything changes really fast so you must always stay up to date. It is constantly changing with all new challenges and it remains to be an exciting and kind of funny space to be involved in as well :)

What need or problem motivated you to search for a solution like AppTweak and how does our tool answer to it?

We needed to scale up plus also grow our ASO focus in Pixel Federation s.r.o. and AppTweak was definitely the great choice and fit for us.

I still use competing products though and can honestly say that the price / performance ratio is incomparable! In huge favor for AppTweak of course :D

What advice would you give to someone just starting with ASO? What should they keep in mind? Where should they start?

Find a reasonable and open-minded mentor, this is the easiest and also fastest way for you to start with ASO :) Keep in mind that it’s a huge topic which is constantly changing, so better start slowly with one thing and then move to another one.

My best advice I can give you this way, once you will have your ASO mentor, please listen to him and don’t try to push him or make up the processes.

Can you give us an example of a major ASO decision you made and how it impacted your business?

This is a great question! I can share one great and real example for you here.

When I was starting with my first company, I have been releasing apps and games on weekly basics. You can’t even imagine, it was crazy, but on the other hand so much fun. With that being said I always had my favourites where I did the proper ASO and everything behind that. It was impossible to keep a solid release for let’s say 10 games per month, I was young and very passionated, but we all have our limits. And here is the key moment.

I started to have some school problems, so I was not able to do so many releases per month anymore. From that moment I started doing more ASO activities, primary keywords rotation and weekly screenshots and icons changes. The results were insane. I remember having absolutely trash game (one of my first ones) and after my first keyword rotation and finding the right icon and screenshots, my organic installations instantly increased by 60-70%. And we are not talking about hundreds ;)

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What is the biggest ASO challenge you’d like to overcome in the coming months? How are you going to attack it?

Nowadays, I would say to handle keywords, screenshots and icon rotations in a right way. Definitely run more experiments with different variations and use common sense to do so, not always everything can be set on the basis of figures.

In three words, why AppTweak? How does AppTweak go “the extra mile” to serve you?

Great and friendly people, Transparent service, Price / Performance ratio.

If you could create a “super app”, what would it do?

In my sleep I cannot remember dreams at all :( so this would be the perfect concept for a “super app”, at least for me :D

Anything else?

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. Thank you and keep the good work! :)

PS: here’s a picture from Las Vegas of Daniel with Chad Mureta and Carter Thomas, famous app entrepreneurs gathering more than 100M+ downloads together.

Daniel Rysan, Chad Mureta and Carter Thomas in Las Vegas

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Daniel Rysan is currently working as Performance Marketing Manager at Pixel Federation, recognized as one of the biggest gaming company with more than 200 employees. Before he joined Pixel, he successfully created and published more than 250 apps and games. He also founded two companies related to this business industry. 2 years later he sold the US one after getting in to the Pixel, so that he can fully dedicate to the Pixel and benefit from his previous experiences. Daniel just turned 22 and is very happy and thankful to work with the best marketing team ever right now!