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ASO Client Testimonial: Pablo from Phiture

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ASO Client Testimonial: Pablo from Phiture

Pablo Penny uses AppTweak to manage his clients’ store visibility and increase organic downloads. Discover his testimonial and learn more about his ASO routine.

What is your experience in ASO and what led you to pursue ASO as a profession?

Worked with ASO for about a year. Got into ASO through working at Mobile Growth Consultancy Phiture - was always generally interested in the app industry and ASO offers a lot of opportunities.

What need or problem motivated you to search for a solution like AppTweak and how does our tool answer to it?

We use AppTweak amongst other tools to delve into keyword optimization for various clients. It offers some great features in terms of competitor insights, visibility scores etc. In particular, it’s UI is simple and straightforward.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with ASO? What should they keep in mind? Where should they start?

Start by dividing ASO into individual activities - what can you do to increase your visibility, which tools can you use. In terms of keyword optimization start with the App Store. Same goes for conversion what can you do to increase it - start by looking at Play Store experiments. Start with a small set of tools. Great first start is Phiture’s Advanced App Store Optimization ebook.

Can you give us an example of a major ASO decision you made and how it impacted your business?

Tracking competitors and continuously gathering intelligence through different methods has helped us get that competitive edge.

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What is the biggest ASO challenge you’d like to overcome in coming months? How are you going to attack it?

How to handle the new keyword install data from Google Play for different apps. Analysing in-depth how well the data can be trusted and also comparing cross-platform.

In three words, why AppTweak? How does AppTweak go “the extra mile” to serve you?

Analytical, Comprehensive, Simple.

If you could create a “super app”, what would it do?

Make ice-cream.

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Pablo is ASO Manager at Phiture, specialized in mobile growth consulting. Pablo manages large ASO projects and helps to drive organic downloads for well-known brands in Europe and the US. Pablo is responsible for publishing the ASO Stack and manages the ASO Stack Slack group.