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ASO Client Testimonial: Rishan from Yodel Mobile

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ASO Client Testimonial: Rishan from Yodel Mobile

Rishan Weerakoon uses AppTweak for keywords and ASO recommendations to his clients. Discover his testimonial and ASO daily routine.

What is your experience in ASO and what led you to pursue ASO as a profession?

I got involved with ASO in early 2014 when it was very much at its infancy and the term was still being used as a buzzword in the mobile app industry. Fast forward 4 years, and I have witnessed the evolution of the app stores, emergence of ASO-platforms, and maturation of ASO practices. It is constantly changing with challenges and it remains to be an exciting space to be involved in.

What need or problem motivated you to search for a solution like AppTweak and how does our tool answer to it?

Not every app wants to plug into an ASO platform with their developer console information in order to perform ASO. Unfortunately, a lot of platforms out there rely on this to offer their customer meaningful data. AppTweak is different as it allows us to gain valuable insights for our ASO strategy without the need to connect our clients’ developer accounts into the platform.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with ASO? What should they keep in mind? Where should they start?

  1. Understand that ASO is not a silver bullet but a continuous ongoing process
  2. Keep in mind that some ASO elements help with app store discoverability, and others are more focused on user conversion to install
  3. Research best practices on ASO and understand which individual elements can be optimised on the app stores and how they differ between iOS and Android
  4. Utilise an ASO tool such as AppTweak to supplement your ASO strategy
  5. Ensure to take a hypothesis-driven approach to gather maximum learnings throughout your ASO process

Can you give us an example of a major ASO decision you made and how it impacted your business?

We have created a bespoke, in-house ASO scoring tool that allows us to diagnose any iOS or Android app and quantify its current level of optimisation as well as potential quick wins and opportunities. This has allowed us to demonstrate to numerous businesses where their optimisation priorities should lie before even beginning with their ASO activity.

What is the biggest ASO challenge you’d like to overcome in coming months? How are you going to attack it?

The biggest challenge will be to effectively isolate and attribute our ASO activity to changes in app store performance whilst running a host of paid marketing activity - and then tying this back to ROI.

In three words, why AppTweak? How does AppTweak go “the extra mile” to serve you?

Feature rich. Innovative. Supportive

If you could create a “super app”, what would it do?

An app that could make use of wearable technology to record dreams whilst the user is asleep and play this back in video format afterwards.

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Rishan is the Senior Growth Manager at Yodel Mobile, recognised as Top Mobile Marketing Agency and Top ASO Agency 2018 and he has years of experience in App Store Optimisation under his belt. Rishan is also responsible for delivering a range of elements of Yodel Mobile’s Fit to Market Programme, centred around organic user acquisition and retention strategies, helping transform businesses. He’s worked with clients such as mytaxi, NBCUniversal, Teletext Holidays and Bauer Media.