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Our Search Ads Intelligence feature is getting bigger! Now, you can benefit from the insight of 59 countries where Search Ads is operational. With the help of AppTweak you can build your Search Ads strategy according to the country of your choice. Here is an explanation on how you could use search ads for some big markets.

Understand how close your semantic is from a competitor

Have you ever wanted to know how close your bidding keywords are from your competition? AppTweak shows you how similar your paid keywords are to those of another app. The larger the space where circles overlap, the more bidding keywords the two apps are sharing.

Music Streaming Apps in India

Apptweak ASO Tool: Representation of 2 ad search semantic dictionaries

We analyzed some real life examples of ad search strategies to help you understand what kind of insights you could get across different countries. Here, is an example in India: Hungama Music and Gaana Music’s bidding keywords lists are sharing almost half of their keywords. Therefore, they are both trying to have unique keywords while sharing the most common keywords.

Learn more about an app’s semantic dictionary

Apptweak ASO Tool: Representation of 2 ad search semantic dictionaries

Wynk Music and Gaana Music have non-proportionate bidding keywords lists. This means they are not targeting the same semantics. Gaana Music is dedicating more budget to its search ads strategy and, as a result, the app is visible on more keywords. Gaana is certainly targeting less relevant keywords in order to be more visible but the best way to know for sure is to look deeper into the list of keywords they are bidding on!

The disposition of the circles could mean many things depending on the case you are in: For instance, if the two circles are completely overlapping, it means both of you are bidding on the exact same list of keywords. A great indicator, when entering a new market, that you identified the right competition for your app. It could also show you that it may be the time to differentiate yourself from them by targeting unique keywords they never thought of!

If the circles are not sharing any common space, then it means that both apps target totally different groups of keywords. It could be interesting to look into the keywords your competitor is bidding on, some might be interesting for your own app.

You may also be in the case where the circle representing a competitor encompasses your own circle. This is typically the situation when a competitor is investing more money in its Search Ads strategy in order to get more visibility. Indeed, the competition bid on keywords that are not so relevant to their app to get more views. This is exactly the case of apps that use Search Ads Basic. Either way, you should always look at what your competitors do to get inspired for your own Search Ads strategy.

Learn more about Search Ads Basic and Search Ads Advanced

Get a quick overview of the most shared keywords

Once you have had a good visual on how close a semantic list of an app is similar to a competitor, AppTweak allows you to see straightaway what are the most repeated keywords you share. The bigger the word, the more times it is repeated among the list of shared keywords. This visual can also indicate if you have a common strategy.

Thanks to AppTweak, it is also possible to see words that are in the country’s native language. This will help you when you want to start on a new market, to see what are the most common words, possible competitors are targeting the most.

Music streaming Apps in India

Apptweak ASO Tool: Representation shared ad search Keywords

Here, we analyzed two music streaming apps in India. Hungama Music and Gaana Music’s most shared bidding keywords are, as suspected: “music”, “iphone”, “app”, “money”, etc. It is interesting to see that both apps have in common the word “wynk” which is the name of a indian competitor also providing a streaming music service and two hindi words: “वीडियो” (trad: video) and “निर्माता” (trad: producer)

Shopping apps in Saudi Arabia

Apptweak ASO Tool: Representation shared ad search Keywords

We compared two shopping apps, Noon Shopping and Styli in Saudi Arabia and now we can see that the exact word in arabic that comes back more often is the word: “ موقع” which means “location” as well as “ التسوق” which means “shopping”.

Take a closer look at the list of Shared and Unique Search Ads Keywords

Thanks to AppTweak, you can see the list of all the keywords a group of apps have in common as well as those that are unique to each app. As a result, in any specific country, you will know where your competitors are putting more efforts on and respond accordingly!

Food delivery Apps in Colombia

Apptweak ASO Tool: Representation unique ad search Keywords

In Colombia, Rappi and have lists of unique terms very different from one another. Both are food delivery apps but Rappi is bidding on words such as : “santa biblia”(trad: holy bible), “biblia” (trad: bible) when is bidding on “futbol” (trad: Football), “futbol datos” (trad: football dates). It seems like they are targeting very different groups. For instance, hypothetically, we could interpret this data by saying that is trying to target people interested in sports related activities when Rappi is more focused on religious people, ready to share a meal together.

Apptweak ASO Tool: Representation common ad search Keywords

Here, we looked at the common keywords and we found more relevant keywords such as : “comida” (trad: food), “domicilio” (trad: address) , “eats”, “delivery”. Which represent their main activity. This illustrates the fact that 2 apps can have very different strategies while sharing many keywords.

See which competitor is bidding on others’ branded keywords

To go even further, AppTweak will show you which apps are bidding on your branded keywords. Indeed, many apps can bid on competitors’ branded keywords in order to get more visibility from well established brands. AppTweak will show you bids containing apps’ title or apps’ subtitle.

Language-learning Apps in Chile

AppTweak ASO Tool: bidding branded keywords shared among the peer group

We took some well known language-learning apps (Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, Tandem, HelloTalk and Mondly). As one can observe, Babbel, Busuu and Mondly are bidding on the keyword “hellotalk” but Tandem and Duolingo are not.

Tips on how to optimize your brand name

Cross competition analysis: Get inspired and find interesting keywords to bid on

What if you want to compare more than one competitor at a time? You can use our cross competition analysis to see how companies bid on similar keywords or how unique some competitors’ bids are. This is where you can start building your Search Ads strategy!

AppTweak gives you the list of most popular terms used in a competitor’s bidding keywords. This gives you an idea of what Search Ads strategies each competitor is following.

Booking Apps in Hong-Kong

AppTweak ASO Tool: bidding keywords shared among the peer group

After looking at the list of Shared Keyword Terms from these booking apps (Klook, Expedia, and you can easily see what important keywords you should look at such as “travel”, “hotels”, “旅” (trad: trip), “遊” (trad: tour).

It is also interesting to use the Unique Keyword Terms section to get an idea of what the competitor is targeting. Since AppTweak takes into account the different languages, it will show you what terms, in native languages, apps are bidding on.

Social Networks Apps in Saudi Arabia

AppTweak ASO Tool: bidding branded keywords unique among the peer group

Here we have a good example on how apps could find ideas for their bidding keywords. We selected 4 social network apps (Hakuna Live, Waplog, Plato and MenoM3ay) and you can easily see what keywords are unique to some apps. Even keywords in arabic are shown which allows you to see, in our case, that MenoM3ay is more focusing on words linked to safety and undercover discussions: “دردشة آم” (trad: shadow) and targeting foreign telephone numbers: “أرقام أمريكية” (trad: American numbers), “أمريكية” (trad: American)

Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

AppTweak ASO Tool: bidding branded keywords unique among the peer group

In another example, we took food delivery apps (Uber, Wssl and Carriage – Food) and found that Wssl is focusing more on words related to romantic dates : “رسائل رومانسية” (trad: Romantic messages), “ رومانسية” (trad: Romantic) and more traditional dishes such as “shawarma”.

Start building your Search Ads Strategy now!

With the different features we just explained, you can improve your Search Ads strategy and easily work with AppTweak to find the right keywords to bid on. To sum-up, AppTweak allows you to analyze different Search Ads strategies, understand on which keywords your competitors are bidding on and find relevant generic keywords you did not think of. This feature is available in all 59 Search Ads countries! You can scale up your paid strategies and adapt them according to the specificities of each country!

Here are all the countries where Search Ads is available:

  • North America: Canada, United States
  • South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru
  • Europe: Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK
  • Africa: Egypt, India, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirats
  • Asia: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Oceania: Australia & New Zealand

Try it out! And discover all the new features we offer!

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