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Keyword Research: Test your Metadata Keyword Density!

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Today we’re introducing a feature that is probably going to save you A LOT of time in your ASO routine: you can now test your app keyword density directly on AppTweak! Not only we review your existing app metadata, you can now also type or copy/paste your new app title, subtitle or description and get their keyword density instantly! All details below.

App Store Optimization Keyword Research Simplified

After several suggestions coming from you, AppTweak users, we’ve decided to work on a series of mini-tools that are going to help you save some precious hours in your daily ASO routine.

Our latest new feature comes in completion to our App Description Keyword Density Analysis, launched in July 2017.

Remember, for any given app, our ASO Report automatically calculates the keyword density and tells you how many times each keyword has been repeated throughout its description.

As you already know, keyword density is very important in terms of app indexing and keyword ranking, especially on Google Play, since the algorithm uses the app description to rank apps on keywords.

The best practice is to optimize your keyword density as much as possible, meaning finding a good balance between the total number of keywords in your app description and the number of times you repeat the keywords you want your app to rank for.

Wondering which keywords to pick? Check our ASO Keyword Research Methodology!

We’ve decided to go further by offering you the possibility to actually test your new app description and get its keyword density instantly!

The times of using Word, Google Docs or any online keyword counter is over! You can now use AppTweak to create and test your new app description.

By default, you’ll get the density for single keywords but you can choose to view “2 words” or “3 words” density to see how many times you have repeated combinations of words. Don’t forget that long tail keywords are very important, as they are huge downloads drivers.

Test and Compare Keyword Density with Your Competitors!

This testing zone is also available for your app title, subtitle (iOS), promotional text (iOS) and short description (Google Play). In other words, you can type your new creations directly on AppTweak and instantly see the keyword density for each of them!

No idea where to place your keywords? Learn more about the new available iOS text fields!

For those of you familiar with AppTweak, you know that our ASO Report makes competition analysis, benchmark and comparison extremely easy!

You can indeed visualize your competitors’ metadata in one unique place and check the total characters they have used. We’ve highlighted in blue the common keywords across tracked apps.

Same goes for the app description. Comparing your app’s and your competitors’ description keyword density has never been easier. Simply switch from one app to the other to read its description and view its full keyword density analysis.

Keyword Density Recap and Competition Comparison

That’s not it!

In the ASO Report (Overview) section, we’ve also added a table recap of the keyword density from each tracked apps (including the new test that is tracked).

This makes it easier for you to see which keywords are the most commonly used amongst all descriptions. It also helps you compare directly keyword density across all tracked apps.

Here again, you can choose to view “1 word”; “2 words” or “3 words” to detect keyphrases and get insights on keywords combinations usage on both your app and your competitors’ metadata.

You can get the same analysis for your app title, subtitle (iOS), promotional text (iOS) and short description (Google Play). This time, we’ll indicate the amount of times the keyword has been used in each text field.

Optimize Your App Metadata and Boost your Keyword Rankings!

This new feature will definitely help you get more insights on your app’s performance and keyword rankings.

It will also help you find new opportunities and inspiration for your future optimizations.

This new feature is available on all our plans, for any app, in any country on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, under the “Overview” tab.

Don’t forget that we provide a whole suite of Keyword Tools and features (in the “Keywords” tab) providing with keyword performance indicators, keyword suggestions, keyword insights and many many data.

Curious about our new feature? Login or start a 7-day free trial to try our new Keyword Density testing tools.

You can also schedule a 1-1 call to get a complete demo of our features.

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