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When we released a keyword auto translate feature in our keyword analysis table, we got amazing feedback from our customers, so we decided to bring this feature one step further. Now, the Auto translate button is also available in the Overview of any app. With one single click, you can now translate the metadata of your app and your competitors’ apps to English.

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Should I localize my app’s ASO?

App localization is a big thing in ASO. When you launch your app in a new market, you want to make sure your app’s metadata is localized for that country. Apps that have a title and subtitle or short description in the local language have been proven to rank and convert better. That said, localizing your app in all its available countries represents a huge load of work, so you have to make sure it’s worth the effort. A good practice would be to at least cover your major markets.

How to choose the right keywords for your app

Making app localization easier with Auto Translate

When you work on app localization, a good starting point is to check what your competitors are doing. Note that competitors can vary from one country to another, so make sure to choose the most appropriate ones for each market.

In AppTweak’s Overview tab, you can easily check the titles and subtitles of your competitors in a country, all in one view. In just a glance, you’ll know immediately which competitors have localized their app, and which keywords they are using for that market.

Slots Gaming apps' titles localized for the Australian market (iOS)In Australia, “pokies” is more common than “slots”, therefore most slots games have added the word to their title in their localized version for the Australian market.

Comparing the app titles and subtitles of your competitors works well if you’re comfortable with the language you’re working on, but we all know that that’s not always the case, and sometimes you end up looking at titles that just make no sense to you.

Popular action gaming apps with localized titles in Japan (iOS)Popular action gaming apps with localized titles in Japan (iOS)

Working on app localization in a language you’re not familiar with can be a tough one. That’s why we added our Auto Translate feature to the Overview so that in just a click, you can have the apps’ metadata translated to English. It makes the process so much smoother!

AppTweak Auto Translation feature in action! Translate any app's metadata to English in one click.

AppTweak Auto Translation feature in action! Translate any app’s metadata to English in one click.

As soon as you activate the Auto Translate button, the metadata of your followed app and competitors are automatically translated to English. This makes it easier to understand the meaning of the title and/or subtitle of an app and to grasp the main keywords it is using.

Auto-translate also in keyword analysis tool

Now that you can read localized apps in any country, the next step is to get your app localized too. Check out these step-by-step guide to get your app fully localized or start your free trial on AppTweak to get going with your app localization.

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