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New Advanced Analytics Features Now LIVE

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Today is the day! We are happy to announce that we’ve just released a brand new Analytics section. For those of you familiar with our ASO platform, you are going to be surprised at how improved this section has been! You can now measure your app’s rankings, impressions, conversion, downloads and global performance like never before. More details below.

[Read until the end for a major Spoiler on our future release!]

The Importance of App Analytics

When it comes to app marketing or digital marketing, it is always crucial to set some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at the very beginning of the campaign in order to measure the results and evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

Same principle goes for App Store Optimization (ASO). By setting goals and objectives before your ASO campaign, you will be able to measure the impact of your efforts and understand what is working well and what is not.

We usually recommend measuring the same set of elements before and after (+/- 4-6 weeks) any ASO changes made to the app. Many different metrics can be tracked, which are more or less simple to aggregate and measure.

In ASO, the most important metrics to track are the number of times your app has been viewed/found (in the Search Results) but also how many users have clicked on your app’s page and, eventually, installed it.

Thanks to AppTweak ASO platform, you can now easily measure your ASO effectiveness and check your app’s performance globally in just a few clicks.

How can AppTweak help?

AppTweak platform has always provided an Analytics section giving insights and data on app’s rankings, downloads and revenues, through iTunes Connect synchronization.

However, with the new iTunes Connect dashboard granted by Apple, AppTweak Analytics section needed a big refresh.

Let’s review the brand new modules that we’ve just released. Here is how they work and how they can help you understand and optimize your ASO and app marketing efforts.

Please note that the Analytics section is currently only available for iOS apps but we’re already working on adding the same features for Google Play Store apps.

Important: to get the best out of our Analytics features, you will need to login to your iTunes Connect account so that we can synchronize your app’s data.


At the top of the Analytics tab, find a clear recap of your last 30 days app trends for any given country.

  • App Category Ranking: displays your latest app category rankings. Very useful to track any particular trends and spot any major increase or decrease in your App Store’s position. Average ranking has also been calculated for you, with the progression since the past month:


  • Impressions/day: this very important metric shows how many impressions per day your app has gathered. Impressions are the number of times your app has been seen in the search results. Here again, the average impression per day is given, as well as the total number of impressions. What’s very insightful is to check your progression from the average of the month before (in red or green). If you notice an increase in your total impressions, it means that your app is gaining in authority and that it is getting more visible in the store.


  • Pageviews/day: this metrics shows the number of visits to the page of your app in the App Store. It is very interesting to compare your pageviews with your impressions, as it gives you a strong indication on the power of conversion of your app.


  • Downloads/day: track this metrics to know how many times your app has been downloaded and installed on an iOS device. This is the last step of your conversion funnel. Here also, it is interesting to compare your conversion rate between your pageviews and your downloads.


To simplify your experience, your conversion funnel is displayed right under each step, with the conversion rate already calculated for you (in %) in between them.


#2. Advanced Analytics

The next module is called Advanced Analytics. This module provides a lot of various data and insights on your app’s global performance, in terms of rankings, downloads and revenues.


Before starting, it is important to note that for each section, you can select the app type (free or grossing); the device (iPhone or iPad) and the category (your app’s category or “all Categories”) you want to track.

Also, you can select a date range for which you want to track your app’s data: last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days (new!), this month, last month and a custom range.


Let’s review each sub-section and see how you can use them.

2.1 Ranking History

This section reviews in details your app’s rankings per category, day **and country**. It is very useful to track your app’s visibility in the App Store.

The first graph shows in details your app’s ranking for the period of time selected.

Don’t forget that if you add some competitors to your report, you can compare their rankings to yours on the same graph easily.


Right under the Chart, you have your exact app’s rankings details per day displayed in a table. If you have added competitors, they will be displayed as well:


You can also view your app’s rankings per country, on our famous world map. Simply switch from “Chart” to “Map” on the top right:


Here again, you can check the rankings details per country on the table below, with the growth progression:



This section focuses on your downloads details through time and countries. It is very useful to help you monitor your installs and track your global presence.

This first graph displays the total number of downloads of your app along with the number of times your app has been updated on iOS devices.

You also get the total number of downloads and updates, along with the possibility to mouse-hover each portion of the graph to see the exact data per day.


Also, you can switch from one chart type to another and choose between the Bar-type (as shown above) but also:

  • Line-type:


  • Area-type:


Here again, all app downloads per day are displayed below the graphs in an easy to read table:


Just like for App Rankings, you can view your app’s downloads per country on the world map:


You can also view your downloads and updates details per country a detailed table right below the world map:


2.3 Revenues

The exact same features, graphs and data are available to track your app’s revenues.

What’s making it so easy is that you get the spread of your in-app purchases revenues so you can check which one is working the best.

The following graph type is per sales (the amount of revenue gathered through each in-app purchases):


But you can also view this graph per units (the number of in-app purchases that have been bought by your users):


Plus, just like for the downloads, you can choose the type of chart you want to display (Bar, Line or Area).

And here again, view your in-app purchases revenues details per day and per product in the table below the graph:


But that’s not it… You can Export to Excel each of these graph and table in just a click!



With the implementation of these new features and data, you now have everything you need to audit, measure, track and understand your app’s overall performance.

The rankings per days and per country will help you understand the power of your app’s visibility. It will also help you see if your ASO updates are successful or not. For that, you can also check our Keyword Tool, that will help you understand your keywords rankings and app’s discoverability.

Don’t forget to add some competitors to your report to compare your performance to theirs.

By syncing to your iTunes Account, you’ll be able to retrieve all your downloads and revenues data directly on AppTweak. Thanks to our easy to read graphs and tables, you’ll gain some precious time to analyze your app’s global performance day after day, for each country.

The revenues section helps you see which in-app purchases is working the best for your app but also how your app is doing geographically. In some regions, your app might have more success than in other, same for your in-apps.

It is therefore interesting to keep an eye on your overall performance in order to find some interesting opportunities or to re-adjust your app marketing campaign accordingly.

Wait no longer and login to your AppTweak dashboard to check our new Analytics features.

We’re looking forward hearing your thoughts and impressions on this brand new section!

If you don’t have an account yet, start a 7-day free trial right away and enjoy our features for free during an entire week, without any engagement.

[Thanks to those who read this post until the end. As promised, here’s a huge spoiler… We’re launching Downloads and Revenues estimations for ALL apps by the end of September! Stay tuned!]

Any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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by ,  CMO at AppTweak

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