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NEW Conversion Tracking Features

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We’ve just added a new section to our Advanced Analytics module. You can now track your conversion rates by day and by country. Details below!

Take control over your app’s performance

Last week we launched our brand new Advanced Analytics section and showed you how you could track your app’s performance in terms of rankings, impressions, pageviews and downloads.

As you know, it is crucial to monitor your app’s progression over time. The point is to try understanding what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Whether it is for your App Store Optimization (ASO) or for your app’s general performance, setting yourself some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allows you to measure the results and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.

This is why we have decided to intensify our efforts on the Analytics part of our ASO platform. Constantly seeking to simplify your app developer or app marketer life, we want to provide you with all the data you need to take control over your app’s general performance and help you improve your results.

All you need to do in order to benefit from these Analytics features is to synchronize your iTunes Connect account to AppTweak.

Track your Conversion Rates like never before

Our Analytics section already provides you with some useful insights on your conversion rates.

Indeed, with the Last 30 Days App Trends, you get an overview of your app’s conversion funnel, showing your conversion rates between your impressions/day and your pageviews/day and between your pageviews/day and downloads/day.


It is very interesting to check how many users who actually saw your app, tapped on it and then downloaded your app.

We wanted to go further in the analysis of your conversion rates. There’s now an entire new section that allows you to track your conversion rates day after day:


On this same graph, you can compare your conversion rates between your impressions and your pageviews (in blue on the graph) with your conversion between your pageviews and downloads (in purple).

You can easily select the date range for which you’re willing to check these metrics: last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, this month, last month and custom range.

Right under this graph, you get a detailed table with the exact number of impressions, pageviews and downloads day after day. Conversion rates are calculated and displayed in between each column as well.


Moreover, by clicking on the “Map” button, you can view both your conversion rates by country on a worldmap.


You can select the data type you want to track: Impressions/Pageviews or Pageviews/Downloads.

Here again, you get to view a detailed table offering you all the data details per country.


Just like for any Analytics graph and table, you can Export to Excel each of these graphs in just a click!



This new Conversion Rates section will clearly help you understand how your app performs in terms of users acquisition.

If you notice a very low conversion rate between your impressions and pageviews, it probably means that your app does not target the right keywords or that it is not appealing enough to make users want to know more.

If the conversion rate is low between your pageviews and your downloads, it means that you did not succeed to convince your users to download your app, although they were interested at first because they tapped on your app.

Always keep an eye on your conversion rate before and after any new release to see if you notice and improvement. Conversion rates are a powerful KPI to evaluate your app’s ASO strategy performance.

Wait no longer and try our new Conversion features now!

We’d love to have your feedback on this new release. Also, feel free to make your suggestions for our future developments, we’re always listening!

Got a question? Leave it in the comments below!

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by ,  CMO at AppTweak

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