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New Feature: Category Keywords

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We’ve just added a new feature to our Keyword Tool and you are going to love it! You can now check all the best keywords for any category in the App Store or Google Play Store. More details below.

Keywords Pre-Selection made easier

Two weeks ago, we introduced our brand new multilingual Keyword Tool offering the most accurate Search Volume estimation, Competition and KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) and providing with the best app keywords performance monitoring tools.

Our Keyword Tool can actually be broken down into 4 phases: Keywords Pre-Selection, Keywords Analysis, Keywords Optimization and Keywords Monitoring.

The first phase - Keywords Pre-Selection - consists into the research of all potential interesting keywords to target. We always recommend coming up with about 50-100 keywords (the more, the better) per app per language at first.

The next step is to sort this first list of keywords - after a thorough analysis - into a smaller list with the most relevant and strongest keywords (with the highest KEIs possible).

Finally, thanks to our tool, you can make the final selection of the keywords you want to include in your app name, keyword field (Apple) or app short and long description (Google) and hope for an improved app store visibility.

But let’s go back to the start: how can you come up with a list of about 100 keywords at first? You must agree that it is quite challenging to find such amount of keywords or keyphrases at first.

Well, luckily for you, our Keyword Tool offers many different sources of inspiration and actually provides you with potentially interesting keywords you would have not thought of.

This, in addition with the possibility to add any keyword of your choice as well (or to synchronize your existing keywords through iTunes Connect) of course.

Actually, our new feature is a new source of inspiration for you: Category Keywords.

Category Keywords: Spy on Top Apps best keywords

Category Keywords are all the best keywords from Top Apps from any App Store and Google Play store category.

In other words, if you want to find out which are the best keywords for top Games, for example, you’re only one click away!

To come with this list of keywords, we took the Top 50 apps in each App Store or Google Play Store category and we took all their Top 10 Keywords (all the keywords ranking these apps between the 1st and the 10th position in the search results).

Interesting right?

Here’s an example of Category Keywords for the Productivity and Lifestyle categories:


So, let’s recap the different sources of keywords we provide on Keyword Tool:

  1. Top Keywords: all the keywords for which your app is ranking between the 1st and the 50th position (as well as your competitors, if you have added some).

  2. Suggested Keywords: potential keywords to target coming from the most recurrent keywords from your app reviews, app title, description and top keywords.

  3. Trending Keywords: the current trending searches on Apple.

  4. (NEW) Category Keywords: the best keywords from Top Apps in a specific category.

Feedback please!

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and impressions. It always helps us improve.

Let us know if you have any other interesting sources of keywords you’d like us to add. We’ll do our best to simplify your ASO job.

See you next week for a new feature release!

by ,  CMO at AppTweak

Laurie is CMO at AppTweak and joined the company in its early stages. She's passionate about new technologies and mobile marketing. Oh and also about sushis.