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NEW: Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard

by ,  Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak AppTweak Releases Search Ads

We’ve been working hard on this unique feature… But it’s finally here! Please meet our Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard! This new panel will give you all the insights you need to audit and optimize both your app’s Organic and Search Ads Keywords Share of Voice (SOV)! All details below.

A Dashboard to Monitor your App’s Global Share of Voice

As you may already know, AppTweak was the first ASO tool to integrate Apple’s exact Search Popularity coming from Search Ads.

A few weeks later, we launched various Search Ads Intelligence features, giving you the opportunity to view all the bidding keywords (paid keywords) of any iOS apps (US, UK, AUS and NZ).

At the same time, we made it possible for you to view any keyword’s Share of Voice. The Share of Voice (SOV) represents the spread of Ads impressions of all bidding apps (in %). It helps you understand which apps are directly competing with yours in terms of keyword visibility.

Given our customers’ enthusiasm on our latest Search Ads data and features, we’ve decided to go deeper in this field by providing you with a complete Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard, offering much more insights than Apple’s Search Ads control panel.

Organic Downloads Keywords SOV Analysis

The first part of our Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard focuses on your app’s Organic Downloads Keywords. As a reminder, the Downloads Keywords are the Top 15 keywords bringing the most organic downloads to your app.

These Downloads Keywords are therefore very important for your app, as your app has a great visibility on each of them. They therefore represent a great opportunity for your competitors to “attack” your app through Search Ads.

To illustrate our new Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard, we are going to take Boom Beach (Supercell) as our main app.

Image Source: AppTweak

To build the dashboard above, we took the Top 15 Downloads Keywords from Boom Beach, just like we would for any other app.

The first column displays the download estimate for each keyword (in %). This percentage indicates the amount of organic downloads Boom Beach is getting from each keyword.

The next 3 columns show the Rank (current app’s organic rank), Volume (Search Popularity) and Competition (indexed apps) indicators, which you already know.

Then, that’s where things become serious. The aim of the next 3 columns is to show you which apps are bidding on the given keyword. Not only you can check your app’s Share of Voice per keyword, you also get the list of other apps bidding on it.

Multiple scenarios are possible:

Green Shield = you have protected this keyword! You are bidding on this keyword and you have the highest Share of Voice (visibility).

Orange Shield = you are defending this keyword! You are bidding on this keyword but you don’t have the highest SOV.

Red Shield = you’re under attack! You are not bidding on this keyword but some other apps are.

Yellow Shield = you are unprotected! You are not bidding on this keyword and no other apps are either.

We made it easy for you to check both your app’s SOV and other apps’ Ad impressions at the same time. If you mouse-over any app’s icon, it will be highlighted so you can see on which other keywords the app is bidding:

Image Source: AppTweak

To make sure you understand properly, let’s review together the global Share of Voice (SOV) of Boom Beach and see which recommendations we can make.

In the example below, it looks like Boom Beach has secured 3 of its Top 15 keywords (green shields). This is good, as it means that the app not only has a great organic rank but it is also 1st in the Search results.

We encourage you to protect as many important keywords as you can in order to guarantee your top visibility in the results.

On the other hand, it seems that there are 6 keywords on which Boom Beach is being dangerously attacked (red shield):

Image Source: AppTweak

Indeed, Boom Beach organic Rank on these keywords is great (between 1 and 7) but other apps are stealing its visibility through Search Ads, as they are winning the bid (higher SOV). It would be a good move to start bidding on these keywords as well!

This table also shows where Boom Beach should probably intensify its bids, as there is 1 keyword on which it is bidding but not winning (orange shield), and 5 keywords on which there are no bids at all (yellow shields).

These unprotected keywords represent a threat as other apps can start bidding on these keywords and increase their visibility. At the same time, these represent an opportunity to protect your visibility and start bidding on these keywords.

3 Recap Search Ads Intelligence Dashboards

Image Source: AppTweak

Above this table are 3 recap/overview graphs providing you global insights on your app’s overall Share of Voice. The objective is to enable you to check in just a blink your app’s SOV, your competitors’ SOV but also your level of protection on your Organic Downloads Keywords.

Basically, these 3 graphs offer a recap view of the analysis table we went through.

Share of Voice Ads Coverage

The first pie chart highlights the spread of Ad Impression (Share of Voice Ads Coverage) on all the Top 15 Organic Downloads Keywords displayed in the table.

Your app (in this case Boom Beach) is shown in AppTweak’s color. For all these keywords, the app’s global Share of Voice is 20%. We basically do the average of all apps’ SOV on all keywords, including the keywords on which there is “no bid”.

Image Source: AppTweak

Competition Ads Share of Voice

The second graph provides you with the overall Share of Voice of all keywords in details. The main app is still in AppTweak’s color, while the competitors added to the dashboard are in dark blue and other bidding apps we found are displayed in light blue. In total, this graph displays the Top 10 bidding apps on all the keywords analyzed.

This is a great way to help you find which app is attacking your app the most on all of your Organic Downloads Keywords. In this case, the winner is Boom Beach app, followed by Clash of Clans, another Supercell app.

Image Source: AppTweak

Ads Protection Status

The third pie chart shows the level of protection of your app regarding Paid Ads on your Top 15 Organic Downloads Keywords (in %).

A higher number means a greater overall protection of your app’s Search Ads on these keywords.

It is important to have a high protection rate (%) on your Organic Downloads Keywords, as they bring your app the most downloads.

Image Source: AppTweak

Protected keywords = % of green shield. Unprotected keywords = % of yellow shields. Defended keywords = % of orange shields. Attacked keywords = % of red shield.

In this case, Boom Beach has protected 26% of its Top 15 Organic Keywords. We encourage you to try increasing your level of protection as much as possible.

Competition Benchmark

What makes this feature even more insightful is the way you can get the exact same data for any competitor in just a click.

Simply click on the competitor icon tabs to check your competitor’s own Organic Downloads Keywords SOV Analysis. This will help you understand their own strategy with their Top keywords.

Image Source: AppTweak

That’s not all! Our Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard provides even more insights. Actually, the exact same data is offered for your Paid Keywords this time.

We took your Top 100 Paid keywords on which your app has placed an ad and having the highest Volume (Search Popularity).

The Analysis table gives you the same indicators as for your Top 15 Downloads Keywords such as the Rank, Volume (Search Popularity) and Competition.

You can then check all apps’ Share of Voice spread: all the apps that are bidding on the given keyword and their SOV in percentage (%).

Image Source: AppTweak

Our new Search Ads Intelligence dashboard will definitely help you make data-driven decisions for your Search Ads strategy. It will also save you a lot of time in the process. Don’t forget that Search Ads are a powerful opportunity to drive more downloads to your app.

These insights can also help you build your App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy, as you can see on which keywords your competitors have the highest interest, and where they are probably focusing their efforts (semantic field).

We need your Feedback!

Our new Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard is available on all our plans but it is limited on the Starter and Pro plans. The unlimited version starts on the Guru plan.

Sooo… what do you think of our new Dashboard? We’d l-o-v-e to have your feedback and impressions.

We can’t wait for you to test it out! This feature is available in free trial, wait no longer and go spying on our Share of Voice performance.

▶ Try now! ◀

So, what do you think of this new Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard? We’d love your feedback!

by ,  Chief Revenue Officer at AppTweak

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