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Search Ads In Depth Share of Voice Study and History

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We announced it in exclusivity at the Mobile World Congress last week… Let us introduce you to our new Search Ads Share of Voice In Depth Study and History! You can now explore the SOV for any app on any keyword, over time, with a higher accuracy! All details below.

…but first, what does Share of Voice (SOV) mean?

To set everyone on the same line, it is important to go through a few explications on the Share of Voice (SOV).

Here’s the definition you can find on Wikipedia:

Share of Voice in Online Advertising is an ad revenue model that focuses on weight or percentage among other advertisers. For example, if there are four advertisers on a website, each advertiser gets 25 percent of the advertising weight.”

This model can of course be applied to different ecosystems, such as the Apple App Store for example.

With the arrival of Search Ads and the introduction of the Ad banner within the App Store search results, advertisers have got to share their piece of the pie for each keyword they target.

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Every day, hundreds of different ads are displayed in the App Store search results. The algorithm shows one ad at a time and rolls out different ads on the same query if the user didn’t convert on his first search.

Based on a bidding system which takes relevance and conversion highly into account, Search Ads has proven to be an effective weapon in the user acquisition funnel.

Share of Voice: crucial KPI for app marketers

Although Apple Search Ads dashboard provides insights and data on campaigns performance from a budget perspective, it doesn’t offer any data on the breakdown of Ads impressions.

At AppTweak, we make daily searches on given keywords and compile all the apps that would appear in the Ad banner. This enables us to provide our users with an estimate (in %) of the Share of Voice of any app on a keyword or keyphrase.

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Image Source: AppTweak

The way our system computes the data works as the following:

Depending on the keyword (given its popularity and/or if it’s tracked already on our tool), we make a few searches every day on each keyword and gather all apps that are shown as Ads.

We collect the data for about 3 months before showing the estimates. This technique provides insightful estimation on the Ads breakdown and enables app marketers to re-adjust and optimize their strategy according to the results.

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Introducing Share of Voice In Depth Study and History

Our initial Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard provides data on the Top 15 organic keywords and on the Top 100 keywords per app.

Many of you have asked us to add the possibility to track custom keywords and get their SOV breakdown.

Good news for you! It is now possible to do so via our In Depth Study tab!

But that’s not it! We now also display the Share of Voice history for any In Depth studied keywords over the past 30 days!

Image Source: AppTweak

Our Share of Voice History gives you a precise indication on the evolution of apps’ Ads display over time. It is a great indicator to understand your competitors Search Ads strategy and see when they intensify their bids or, on the opposite, lower their efforts.

You can choose your view option: Line chart (as shown above) or Stacked Chart, as shown here:

Search Ads SOV History for keyword "booking" in the US

Image Source: AppTweak

Increased Accuracy in our Share of Voice Estimates

We are improving the accuracy of the SOV by increasing drastically the number of searches done by day.

Our tool now makes about 50 searches per day on the keywords added in the In Depth Study. This equals to about 1 search query every 30 minutes.

Once a keyword has been added in the analysis, it will take about 50 hours for our system to make 100 searches and gather the results.

This is the only feature on AppTweak that requires a little patience from you in some cases, since it takes a few hours to generate the data for newly studied keywords.

Just like for our keyword ranking history, if the keyword is already tracked on our tool in the In Depth Study feature by another user, we will provide the data instantly or within only a few hours (just the time our system finishes the first compilation).

Image Source: AppTweak

Additionally, we provide you with the list of the Latest Top Paying SOV, which represents all apps currently bidding on the studied keyword along with the current Share of Voice of their Ad on that keyword.

Search Ads for the keyword "games" in the US

Image Source: AppTweak

Where can I find this new features?

Our new Share of Voice In Depth Study and History feature is available under the Search Ads Intelligence tab. It is currently only avaible in the US but we are going to launch it in other Search Ads supported countries very soon!

Image Source: AppTweak

This feature is available on both our Guru (USD 299 per month) and Enterprise plans (USD 599 per month), given access to respectively 10 and 20 rolled out keyword SOV history.

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We hope that this new data will be helpful to you! Let us know your feedback and impressions, we’d love to keep improving our Search Ads Intelligence Dashboard according to your needs!

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So what do think of this new feature? Please share your impressions below!*

by ,  CMO at AppTweak

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