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Search Ads Intelligence: Top Bidding Keywords & Apps

by ,  CMO at AppTweak AppTweak Releases Search Ads

We’ve got some big news for you! We’ve just launched a unique Search Ads Intelligence feature that is going to help you outrank your competitors! We now provide the Top Bidding Keywords and the Top Bidding Apps for any keyword! And there’s actually an additional new feature. Learn everything below.

Search Ads, Powerful App Marketing Weapon

Recently, Apple made Search Ads available for the United Kingdom, Australia, and New-Zealand in addition to the United States, already available since October 2016.

As a reminder, Search Ads enable app developers and marketers to bid on relevant keywords in order to appear first in the search results. One Search Ad is displayed at a time and varies throughout the day. It displays the same content as organic app results but it is colored in blue with an “Ad” icon.

Image Source: Apple

Through this opportunity, app developers and marketers have an additional and powerful way to promote their apps and get them discovered.

Moreover, Apple provides a list of suggested keywords for any app (Search Ads Recommended Keywords) matching the app’s purpose. Apple also offers a series of related keywords according to a given term (Search Ads Related Keywords). These suggestions are very insightful, and they help to find new keyword ideas (paid or organic).

Along with the Search Ads feature, Apple revealed the Search Popularity score (indicator between 5-100) for any English keyword (now available for EN-US, UK, NZ and AUS). This score makes it easier to determine a keyword’s search volume, and therefore helps one make smarter decisions in terms of keyword selection (again, paid or organic).

Since we acknowledge the importance of Search Ads and all their related data, AppTweak was the first ASO tool to provide with the exact Search Popularity indicator. We were also the first tool to provide you with Search Ads Recommended Keywords and Related Keywords.

More recently, we have released the Search Ads features and data for the newly added languages and regions offered by Apple (UK, NZ and AUS).

Our main goal here at AppTweak is to facilitate your ASO and App Marketing work by providing you with useful tools, data and features. We love to explore and exploit the available data coming from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

It’s now time for us to take a step further… and introduce you to our new Search Ads Intelligence module!

Top Bidding Keywords

Wouldn’t it be great for you to see which keywords your competitors have paid for through Search Ads? It is now possible on AppTweak!

Under the new “Paid Keywords” tab of the Keyword Tool, you can get the list of the keywords that have been bought by the chosen app.

If you add a few competitors on your ASO report, you will be able to spy on their own Paid Keywords as well!

Under the “Shared Keywords” section, you’ll get all the keywords for which both your app (or any given app) and the competitor(s) have bid on. It’s the exact same principle as our “Ranked Keywords” feature.

This section is unique and only available on AppTweak. It helps you to understand your competitors’ paid strategy and give you insights to elaborate your own ASO or Search Ads tactics.

Image Source: AppTweak

This feature is currently available for Search Ads available languages and regions (English - US, UK, NZ and AUS keywords). Again, as soon as Apple opens up to new languages and countries, we will adjust our tool accordingly.

Top Bidding Apps

At the same time, we thought that the reverse operation would be interesting. Wouldn’t it be great to view which apps are actually bidding on a specific keyword? It is now possible on AppTweak only!

For any keywords added to your “Keywords Analysis” table, you can check the top apps which have actually paid to appear in the top search results on the given keyword (or keyphrase). You can access this list by clicking on the “Top 10” button.

Let’s take the keyword “food delivery” as an example. As you can see in the picture below, there is a list of 7 apps in blue: UberEATS, Caviar, Grubhub, Postmates, Drizly, Minibar and Yelp.

This means that all these apps have paid at least once for the keyword “food delivery” through Search Ad, and that they appeared in the results.

The percentage (%) on the left indicates the amount of time an app is appearing in the results for that keyword. Here, UberEATS is the top app with 65% of appearance. Below, we find Caviar with 18%, Grubhub with 8% etc.

Image Source: AppTweak

Again, this feature is currently available for English - US, UK, NZ and AUS keywords. Let’s hope Apple will launch Search Ads in more territories!

Note: You can always check the app organic rankings as well (on the left) with the Top 10 (and Top 30) app results for any keyword (available for all countries & languages).

Top Growth - Search Popularity Keywords

Actually, there is one more new feature we want to introduce! Remember when we launched Apple Search Popularity History two weeks ago? This feature enables you to check any keyword Search Popularity score History over time (past 90 days).

Being able to view the evolution of a keyword’s popularity in the searches is priceless. It is extremely insightful in terms of data. This data can drastically help to improve your keyword selection and adjust your strategies according to the trends and competition.

Given the importance of the Search Popularity indicator in ASO, we thought of providing you with the “Top Growth” keywords in terms of Search Volume for a given period of time.

Our new “Top Growth” feature shows you the keywords with the greatest positive or negative change in Search Popularity. This allows you to see the changing trends in keyword search, and monitor keywords accordingly.

For the chosen period of time, we calculate the change in Search Popularity score across all followed keywords for the given country and language. You can sort them by “Best Search Popularity Growth” (greatest popularity increase):

Image Source: AppTweak

Or by ‘Worst Search Popularity Growth’ (greatest popularity decrease):

Image Source: AppTweak

The up/down arrow (left of the keyword) shows the amount of change, and the numbers at the right (e.g. 6 > 20 ) show the start/end popularity values for the date range.

Once again, the supported countries and languages are the ones available on Search Ads: English-United States; English-United Kingdom; English-Australia; English-New Zealand.

That’s all for now! Feedback?

Well, that’s it for now but we do hope that you will enjoy our new features!

Again, we’ll definitely add more languages and countries as soon as Apple expands its Search Ads feature.

It would be awesome if you could send us your feedback with your impressions. We are always looking for ways to improve, and your suggestions really help us moving forward.

Don’t forget to share some love for us on your social media :)

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So, what do you think of these new features?

by ,  CMO at AppTweak

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