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Search Ads Keywords already Available on AppTweak

by ,  CMO at AppTweak AppTweak Releases Search Ads

As recently announced, Apple Search Ads will go live this Wednesday, October 5th. They will be a powerful way to promote your app on the App Store. Apple will also automatically provide recommended and related keywords for your app.

…and guess what?

Search Ads Keywords and features have already been integrated into AppTweak! Read all the details below.

Search Ads to Enhance App Store Discoverability

As you may have seen all over the web, Apple Search Ads are almost there! App publishers will be able to bid (no minimums and no exclusives) on Search Ads to make their app appear at the top of the search results on specific queries.

One Search Ad will be displayed at a time, showing the same content as organic app results in the App Store listing but they will be colored in blue with an “Ad” icon.


Image courtesy: Apple

All app assets will be used to create the Ad. It is therefore more than ever crucial to optimize your app icon, screenshots, title and description.

The main objective is to enhance app store discoverability which would be profitable for both app developers and app users. According to Apple, Search Ads will be relevant to the search query and to the user’s intent.

Indeed, Apple Search Match feature will automatically scan through app descriptions and metadata in order to match ads to relevant searches.

Apple Search Popularity already on AppTweak

To get started with Search Ads, Apple will provide you with a list of suggested keywords (Search Ads Recommended Keywords) matching your app.

You’ll also be able to go deeper and look for keywords yourself, in order to target specific terms that Apple would have not suggested (Search Ads Related keywords), but it will be important to always maintain a high relevancy.

One of the best part of Search Ads is probably the arrival of Apple Search Popularity indicator, which is a relative number between 1-100 providing an insightful indication of keywords popularity. Higher the number means higher the popularity.

This indicator is extremely insightful as it can tell you which keywords are more important and interesting to target in terms of Volume of searches.

As announced and released yesterday on AppTweak, we’ve already integrated this Search Popularity indicator into our ASO platform for English Keywords.


For other languages, we provide our own Volume estimations based on our unique Search Volume formula. As soon as Apple tackles more languages, we will integrate their keywords exact Search Popularity.

Get Search Ads Keywords directly on AppTweak

Yesterday we announced the integration of the exact Apple Search Volume on AppTweak, today we’re releasing a brand-new “Search Ads Keywords” module!

Through this section, you will be able to get both Search Ads Recommended and Related Keywords for any app of the Apple App Store. Plus, their official Search Popularity indicator will be displayed right next to them.

This feature is currently only available for the US market and English keywords, but again, as soon as Apple opens up to other countries and languages, AppTweak will provide them.


Huge Advantage for your App Store Optimization (ASO)

One of the biggest advantages provided by these new features and data is that you can easily optimize your Search Ads Keywords but also your regular organic keywords for your App Store Optimization (ASO).

Indeed, both Search Ads Recommended and Related keywords are great sources of inspiration for your ASO strategy.

The fact that you’re able to have a single data point on AppTweak makes your job much easier.

This new Search Ads section is part of our Keyword Tool so you can directly add any of these keywords to your Keywords Analysis table and check their details such as their Volume, Competition, KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index), Number of app results, app ranking, app ranking progression, and more.

Where can I find the New Search Ads features on AppTweak?

Just like our latest release on Search Popularity, AppTweak is the first (and only) ASO tool to provide with a full Search Ads Keywords integration.

To get started, simply go on your app (or one of your competitor) ASO report, click on the “Keywords Tab”, then go under “Search Ads Keywords”. You’ll immediately have access to Apple’s Search Ads Recommended and Related Keywords.

We hope that you will enjoy this new section and that it will be helpful for both your Search Ads and ASO campaigns.

We made our best to release this section as quickly as possible so that you get a massive advantage over your competition. Don’t waste it, go and review your keywords straight away!

As usual, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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So what do you think of this new AppTweak integration?

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by ,  CMO at AppTweak

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