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Search Ads Update: Find App Competitors' Keywords

by ,  CPO at AppTweak AppTweak Releases Search Ads

We’ve just released a major uplift of our Search Ads section, with three brand new tabs you’ll definitely love! Have you ever wondered how heavily your competitors are bidding on your brand keywords? Or what terms are unique to their bidding strategy and you’re missing out on? That’s exactly what this update is about!

Confront your app’s Search Ads strategy with a competitor

The first new tab is the one to one comparison. This tab allows you to closely compare the search ads strategy of two different apps. You can select the apps you wish to confront against each other, and AppTweak will immediately show you which terms are shared across both apps’ Search Ads strategy and which terms are unique to each app.

Analyzing two apps’ Search Ads semantic

When confronting two apps against each other, AppTweak first shows how close the semantic universes of both apps are. To do so, AppTweak analyzes all the bidding keywords identified for each app and highlights the terms that are in common and those that are unique. In just a glance, you can see if the semantic circles overlap or not, and how many terms are shared among both apps.

Tinder and POF shared bidding terms - IOS USTinder and POF’s bidding keywords share a large range of terms

Tinder and Anonymous Chat shared bidding terms - IOS USTinder and Anonymous chat don’t have as many common terms in their bidding keywords and seem to target different semantics.

Learn more about an app’s semantic dictionary

Highlighting the most shared terms between two apps

AppTweak also highlights which shared terms are most repeated among the bidding keywords of both apps. This helps to understand how your app positions itself against one particular competitor, and identify common strategies.

Amazon Shopping and Wish most shared bidding terms - IOS US
When comparing the bidding keywords of Amazon Shopping and Wish, most common terms include words like fashion, clothes, shoes etc.

Amazon Shopping and Walmart most shared bidding terms - IOS US

When comparing the bidding keywords of Amazon Shopping and Walmart, most common terms include words like cheap, coupons, deals etc.

Deep diving into the shared and unique search ads keywords

AppTweak provides an in-depth analysis of all the terms that are unique to an app’s Search Ads strategy and the terms that are shared by both apps. This gives you an insight of which terms you are competing on with competitors and which terms are unique to your app. It can also be a great source of inspiration for new bidding keywords. You can have a look at the unique keywords your competitors are bidding on and add them to your Search Ads strategy.

MyFitnessPal vs Runkeeper Unique terms in Search Ads Bidding keywords
When we look at the unique terms used by MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper in their Search Ads strategy, we found that MyFitnessPal puts forward a healthy and balanced lifestyle using terms such as “meal planner” and “workout meals” whereas Runkeeper focuses on the challenging aspect of fitness using terms such as “progress”, “challenge”, “tracking” and “goals”.

MyFitnessPal vs Runkeeper shared terms in Search Ads Bidding keywords

When we look at their common terms, this trend is confirmed, with Runkeeper having many more bidding keywords containing the terms “tracker” and “track” than MyFitnessPal.

Learn about your competitors’ Search Ads strategy on brand and generic terms

Search ads is all about protecting your brand and targeting the keywords that have the best CPA. Finding optimal keywords is not an easy business: competitor brand names tend to be too expensive and generic keywords are either too competitive or not relevant enough.

Discovering how competitors bid on branded keywords

AppTweak’s Brand Keywords section gives you a nice summary of which branded terms your competitors are using in their bidding keywords.

Apple Search Ads analysis on brand terms of match 3 games - IOS USWe took the brand names of popular match 3 games and found some intriguing insights on how the games bid on each other’s names. In this case we see that all games use the words “angry birds” and “cookie jam” in their bidding keywords, however, none use the brand term “fishdom” and few target “toon blast”.

Tips on how to optimize your brand name

Finding the most relevant generic keywords for your Search Ads strategy

Of course, brand keywords aren’t the only important terms to bid on, generic keywords can also be a great source of traffic. However, it is hard to identify which keywords are the most valuable for your Search Ads strategy.

In AppTweak, we analyze your competitors’ subtitle to single out important generic keywords and indicate how frequently those words appear in your competitors’ bidding keywords. The subtitle is an important ASO field where apps generally put their most valuable and relevant keywords.

Apple Search Ads analysis on subtitle keywords of popular music apps - IOS US
We had a look at the subtitle analysis of popular music apps and here again, found immediate insights and inspiration for new bidding opportunities. We saw that Spotify and Pandora were the only two apps to have an extended Search Ads strategy, as opposed to Soundcloud and YouTube Music. It’s also interesting to see that Pandora focuses its ASO strategy on “personalized music”, but does not use those terms in its ASA strategy, and nor is any other of the selected apps…

This section can really give you an idea of the importance a competitor is giving to a keyword in his Search Ads strategy. Here again, you can identify trends that you’re missing out on and opportunity keywords you hadn’t thought of.

Find unique and shared Search Ads keywords across competition

Finally, AppTweak gives you the possibility to carry out your analysis across several apps at once! This is a huge opportunity to understand which terms are just too competitive to bid on, and which terms represent a great shot.

The All Keywords tab lists the most popular terms used in each app’s bidding keywords. In this section, you might find out that a competitor is targetting a specific term rather than another more obvious one. It gives you an idea of the focus and direction each app is giving to its Search Ads strategy.

Yummly vs. Hello Fresh's most used terms in Apple Search Ads - IOS US

We compared the most used terms in Yummly and Hello Fresh’s bidding keywords and found different results. The first uses words like “cookie”, “delivery” and “restaurant” a lot, whereas the latter puts more importance on words containing “tasty”, “planner” and “health”.

Of course, before starting to bid on a new opportunity keyword, you have to make sure the word is somewhat relevant to your app, in order to maximize CPA.

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Getting to know the bidding terms shared across all apps’

The Shared Keywords section lists the terms that all followed apps have in common. Of course, the more competitors you add to your list, the more difficult it gets to find shared keywords, since they have to be present across all apps. The terms listed in this section are probably the most relevant terms, since all of your competitors use them in their Search Ads strategy. This also indicates that these terms are highly competitive, and probably not the cheapest.

Shared terms of popular meditation apps in Apple Search Ads

Looking at the shared terms in the bidding keywords of popular meditation apps, you immediately have an idea of the keywords that are important to those apps.

Unveiling the unique keywords of each app

The Unique keyword section highlights the terms that are totally unique to each app. This means that we found no bidding keyword with that term in any of the other apps’ Search ads strategy. This feature is a huge source of inspiration since it depicts keywords that only one other competitor is bidding on. You might discover a whole set of words you totally missed out on!

Unique terms used by popular fitness apps in Apple Search Ads

Studying a set of fitness apps we found that MyFitnessPal had no unique keywords, whereas other apps had some very creative ideas for their Search Ads strategy.

Of course, before adding these words to your strategy, you want to make sure they are relevant to your app, and that your app has a chance of converting on such a word. It’s important to note that, the more you add competitors to the analysis, the less likely you’ll find unique keywords. We suggest adding up to 5 competitors to get interesting results.

Learn more on how to chose the right competitors for your app’s analysis

Bring your Search Ads Strategy to the next level

That’s it for the new Search Ads tabs, we hope you’ll find them as useful as we do! As a quick wrap up, we believe these tabs will help you really fine-tune your Search Ads strategy by helping you discover new relevant keywords to bid on.

  • Confront your search ads strategy with another app and see to what extent your semantic fields overlap
  • Discover which competitors bid on your brand keywords
  • Identify highly relevant generic keywords your competitors are bidding on
  • Unveil unique keywords that only one competitor is using in his Search Ads strategy

Getting excited? So are we! Check out the new feature right away!

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