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Top 5 Mobile Games that Reached 10M Downloads in 2018

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Launching a new mobile game is no easy business, and getting it to reach the top charts becomes a real mission impossible. You never know if your next launch is going to skyrocket or wither and stall. At AppTweak, we went through the data of 3,000 games that were launched in 2018 to identify the biggest hits of this first semester.

Quick Numbers on Mobile Games

Did you know?

So Mobile Gaming is definitely a huge market, but it’s also a very competitive one! Many elements count when it comes to making your game visible on the Store. One of them is of course ASO. Make sure your game is fully optimized before you launch it, to maximize organic traffic.

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Top 5 Games Launched in 2018

We had a look all the games that were launched in 2018 on the App Store (IOS - US) and found that five of them have already exceeded the 10M downloads threshold. And one is just about to do so…

Top 5 games launched in 2018 with more than 10M downloads (IOS-US)

High Downloads, High Visibility – Or is it the Other Way Around?

These games have all managed to reach a very high level of visibility on the App Store. In fact, in AppTweak they nearly all have an App Power of 100 that they have managed to maintain over the last 3 months.

Top 5 games launched in 2018 and their App power (IOS-US)As you can see, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is lagging slightly behind with an App Power of 95 today. This suggests that the game is already losing popularity. On the other hand, the most impressive progress is that of who managed to boost its App Power from 0 to 90+ in just one month! The game was launched end of May and is brushing the 10M downloads threshold today.

Top 2018 Games Category Ranking History

If we look at the category ranking of these games, they all managed to go from totally unranked to Top Charts position in just a couple of days after a significant new app release. Here is their ranking history in Games (IOS - US):Categpry Ranking History of Top 5 games launched in 2018 (IOS-US)
As of today, only Fortnite, Helix Jump and still rank in the Top 10 of the App Store Games category in the US. The other games are gradually losing ground, with the most drastic drop for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, now in 82nd position, 4 months after launch.

Last Thoughts on Games Top Charts

Actually this isn’t so surprising for the games category. We found that, on average, the This suggests that the Top Charts of the Games Category are very dynamic, with newcomers constantly taking the lead, as opposed to other categories where only established apps manage to reach the Top 10.

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