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App Analytics & Performance Monitoring

Monitor your app performance and easily measure ASO success.

  • App Store Integrations

    Connect your App Store Connect and Google Play Store Console with AppTweak to view your app’s performance data in one place. AppTweak’s user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly monitor your app installs, conversion rates, and financials across both stores in any country.

    App Store Integrations
  • ASO Dynamic Impact Graph

    Measure the impact of your ASO efforts on app downloads without needing to gather data from different sources. With AppTweak’s ASO Impact feature, plot ASO events, such as metadata updates or app store featurings, against category rankings or app downloads to truly visualize your ASO success in a single graph.

    ASO Dynamic Impact Graph
  • Worldwide View

    Easily monitor category rankings, app downloads and revenue growth across different countries in one single view. This can help you spot high- and low-performing countries and adapt your marketing campaigns accordingly.

    Worldwide View
  • Cross Competition

    Benchmark your app’s performance against competitors. In a single graph, you can compare your app downloads or revenues with competitor estimates.

    Cross Competition
  • Export via Excel or API

    Apple and Google don’t make it easy for you to export data and create reports. With AppTweak, you can download all your data from the consoles onto one .csv file and easily create reports with your favorite business intelligence tool. If you want to automate your reporting, you can also export all your console data via our API.

    Export via Excel or API
App Store Integrations

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