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Category Rankings

Track and monitor category rankings for any app in the App Store & Google Play Store.

  • Category Ranking History

    Track your app’s category rankings in the free, grossing or paid charts in the App Store & Google Play store. Monitor your progress over time and benchmark your app’s performance against competitors.

    Category Ranking History
  • Category Ranking Worldwide

    Get a global view of your app’s performance and monitor your category rankings across countries. Quickly identify top performing countries or single out countries that need improvement.

    Category Ranking Worldwide
  • Downloads to Reach Top

    Wondering what it will take to rank in the top 1, 5 or 10 of your category? Have a look at our Market Intelligence add-on. With our Downloads to Top feature you can see how many downloads your app needs to rank in the top in its category.

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Category Ranking History

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