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Targeting New Markets With AppTweak’s Keyword Research Tools

Learn how SeLoger uses AppTweak’s Keyword Research tools to optimize its app metadata, attract a new target market and maintain a competitive advantage.

About SeLoger

The Group SeLoger is a leading real estate organization serving numerous market segments in France.
The group’s biggest brand, SeLoger, is an online platform that helps its audience to look for, sell, and rent properties.


Until now, the SeLoger platform has primarily connected real estate agencies with tenants looking to rent property in France. However, the brand would now like to move towards a new service that will also allow private lessors to find tenants through the SeLoger app and website. As a result, the company will need to focus its acquisition efforts on attracting new audiences: private lessors who will now be able to broadcast ads on SeLoger to find their future tenants; and potential tenants who do not rent from real estate agencies and may therefore not yet use SeLoger.

The brand’s primary motivation to target this new market comes from competitors who also target private lessors and tenants. SeLoger’s main challenge is to understand the best way of targeting these new users and to implement effective App Store Optimization (ASO) procedures in rebranding the app to cater to individual property lessors and tenants.


To address this challenge, SeLoger uses a number of AppTweak tools. With plans to deploy many new features in the coming months, the team will update its App Store and Play Store metadata to inform store visitors of the app’s new functionalities. This is where AppTweak’s Keyword Research features come into play.

First, SeLoger must identify the most interesting and relevant keywords to drive downloads from users that would be interested in its new services. The team has already identified a number of keywords that will first be added to the app title, subtitle, and iOS keyword field. Following this, the team will also concentrate on keywords to be added to the Google Play long description.

SeLoger’s keyword optimization process starts with AppTweak’s Keyword Brainstorm List. The team has established the highest priority KPIs, including installs, downloads per month, and the app’s current ranking and installs for those keywords. The best keywords consist of those that correspond to the new target market, with a main focus on the new segmentation of store users.

The team also evaluates the conversion opportunities of each keyword: if the app ranks highly for a term that generates low installs, that keyword is not considered valuable. With AppTweak’s Keyword Research tools, SeLoger is able to compare its keyword strategy with that of its competitors. This is particularly important to allow SeLoger to compete with apps offering similar services and targeting similar keywords.


SeLoger is in the first stages of its keyword optimization process for this new market and expects to see results in the near future. When new keywords have been added to its metadata, SeLoger will check the app’s performance after around one month to monitor the impact of its ASO efforts. As a result, the team will be able to effectively test, learn from and adapt their methods.

Tracking the evolution of AppTweak’s All Ranked Keywords Performance makes SeLoger’s work much easier. The tool provides the team with actionable insights that will help them choose the best keywords with the most potential to attract its new target audience. In particular, the Keyword History will allow SeLoger to analyze fluctuations of its keyword rankings and installs over time. The Keyword Impact feature provides the necessary data to determine exactly for which keywords the app has gained or lost organic downloads as a result of a metadata update. Finally, the Keyword Movements graph will highlight any significant changes in the app’s (and competitors’) rankings for different keywords.

Baptiste Berthier, Product Manager

Baptiste Berthier, Product Manager

AppTweak's ASO tools facilitate our keyword research, help us to effectively optimize our apps, and allow us to maintain a competitive advantage in the stores.

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