Keyword Data

Search Popularity (Volume), Competition, KEI,… Get all insights on any keyword’s performance. Compare your daily keywords rankings with your competitors.

A table showing keywords and their Volume, Competition, Results, KEI, Rank and Growth.

Keywords Performance Analysis

Get the Search Volume estimation for any keyword and discover which keywords are the most popular.

We provide the exact Apple Search Popularity in US, UK, AUS, NZ, MX, CH, CA, FR, DE, ES, IT, JP and KR keywords! We will add more countries and languages as soon as Apple expands Search Ads to other regions.

With the total number of app results and the Competition indicator, discover how competitive a keyword is.

Refer to the KEI (Keywords Efficiency Index) to find high Volume and low Competition keywords. Try to target the highest KEIs possible.

Get your app's ranking on any keyword and its progression over time.

Use the "Live Search" button to get more insights on a specific keyword such as the web volume; the language frequency and App Store hints. Get also the results of the Top 10 (and Top 30) search results in real-time.

Create multiple Keywords Lists to facilitate your work. You can also sort each column by increasing or decreasing order.

You can Export to Excel your Keywords Analysis table.

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A table showing how a keyword is ranking for an app and its competitors.

Competition Analysis

Use our Competition Analysis table to compare your app’s followed keywords’ rankings with your competition.

Use the History button to check your app’s keywords rankings vs your competitors on the same graph for the past 90 days.

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A graph showing keywords depending on their competition and volume.

Keyword Position

The Keywords Position feature displays your followed keywords on a 4-quadrant graph to facilitate your lecture.

The Volume is on the Y-axis and the Competition on the X-axis.

Try aiming for keywords located in the top-left quadrant (high Volume and low Competition) or as close as possible.

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An interface in which you can add keywords to count the total numbers of characters they represent.

Optimize Title & Keywords

Create various keywords combinations for your app name, subtitle and iTunes Connect Keywords field (iOS) or short / long description (Android) thanks to our character counter.

Tick the keywords you’d like to use and check their global KEI.

Copy to your clipboard once you’re happy with your keywords simulation and paste it directly in your iTunes Connect account or Google Play Console.

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