Keywords Monitoring

Measure your keywords performance over time and compare your progression with your competitors. Understand which keywords are performing and which should be replaced.

A graph showing the visibility score of an app over time.

Visibility Score

Discover your ASO Visibility Score and trends for each of your followed keywords over time.

Easily compare your app’s visibility progression to your competitors.

How is our Visibility Score calculated
Two tables, one for top 10 ranking progression and one for worst 10 ranking progression of the keywords of an app.

Keyword Performances

Top 10 ranking progression: discover the keywords for which your app is having the best ranking progression since the day, the week and the month before.

Worst 10 ranking progression: at the same time, discover the keywords for which your app is losing ground the most.

Check the Top 10 and Worst 10 ranking progression keywords of your competitors as well.

This will help you understand which keywords need to be kept and which need to be replaced.

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A graph of an app and its competitors ranking history over time.

Keywords Ranking History

Check your app’s rankings on your followed keywords and discover your progression.

Evaluate your competitors’ keywords performance in time and compare it to yours on the same graph.

Export keywords details to Excel for any section.

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A graph showing the percentage of keywords for different positions in the rankings (how many keywords are top 1, top 2 to 3, top 4 to 10 etc.)

Keyword Percentage Stack

The Percentage Stack graph displays your tracked keywords ranking history over time, per group of rankings.

We’ve split your keywords rankings by color (green; yellow; orange and red). The darker the green means the higher the rankings, darker the red means lower the rankings.

You can customize the period of time you want to track for a tailored analysis!

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