Reviews and Ratings

Easily manage your daily reviews and ratings and identify new opportunities to beat your competition. Check similar apps’ reviews to get inspiration.

A summary showing the distribution of ratings for an app's current version and for all versions.

Ratings Summary and Over time

Check the total and average ratings of any app in the store as well as the spread of the ratings per score. You can view this information as a summary or see the history across a custom date range.

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A graph showing the last 30 days ratings.

Reviews - Filter View

Filter reviews by keyword, date range or score and get an overview of the average ratings of the associated reviews and the number of positive/negative reviews received per day. You’ll also get a list of the first top reviews that match your filters.

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A graph of an app and its competitors ranking history over time.

Reviews - Phone View

View the reviews exactly as they are shown on an iPhone or Android Phone, with same filters “most helpful”, “most recent”, “most critical” & “most positive”.

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A graph of an app and its competitors ranking history over time.

Reviews - Give Answer

We all know that answering reviews is very important, it shows that you care about your users and are open to their feedback. To make things simple for you, we’ve added a reply link to each review, so that if you find one you want to answer to, you just have to click on the link and you’ll be redirected to your iTunes Connect or Google Console.

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