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Are you researching new growth opportunities for your app or game? Whether you are looking to enter a different category or just want to launch your app in a new country it is important you research your market and competition thoroughly.

Use our Market Intelligence data and insights to analyze your market share, identify the competition and make informed decisions.

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Before you launch your app, there are a number of things you need to carefully research, including the market size, high-growth countries, trending categories, seasonal trends etc.

This kind of market research is crucial and will help you identify the best opportunities for growth for your app or game.

Research your market

Identify top players in your market

Once you have researched your market you need to understand which apps or games are dominating that market. Have a look at the top players in your category and compare their performance across countries.

Make sure to monitor the top apps in your market regularly so you can identify emerging players and industry threats quickly.

Find your competitors

Unlock unique insights into your competition

Now that you have identified your main competitors you should dig deeper and gain more insights into their performance. Understand how many downloads or revenue they are currently generating or analyze their growth overtime.

Not only will this research give more insights into your competitors' strategy, you can also use this information to set accurate KPIs for your own app marketing strategy.

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