Search Ads Organic Download Keywords

How does Search Ads affect your app’s top organic download keywords?

Search Ads offers apps the opportunity to bid on keywords and appear in top results under the Ad Banner.

Have you ever wondered who is bidding on your app’s top download keywords?
How protected are you on those top keywords? Which apps are the most threatening?
Worry no more, here is our Organic Download Keywords SOV Analysis.

For each organic download keyword you will get the following insights:

  • Download Estimates: % of downloads the word is estimated to bring to your app
  • Rank: how your app ranks for that keyword
  • Volume: the level of popularity of that keyword
  • Competition: the level of competition of that keyword
  • Protection Status: an indication if your app is protected (green), defended (orange), attacked (red) or unprotected (yellow) on that keyword
  • SOV (Share of Voice): your app’s share of ad impressions on the keyword
  • The list of apps bidding on the keyword and their SOV
  • The list of top apps that rank organically for that keyword

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Share of Voice
Ads Coverage

We show a quick summary of your app’s total Share of Voice on all of the 15 organic download keywords together. You can check in a glance the % of your app’s SOV vs. the % of other apps bidding on those same keywords and the % of SOV for which there are still no ads running.

Competition Ads
Share of Voice

Discover the spread of all bidding apps on your organic download keywords. You can check in a glance which apps are the most threatening and their share of Ads Impressions on the set of keywords.

Ads Protection

Get the recap of your app’s protection level on its top organic download keywords. For each protection level, you will see the % of words in the corresponding status

Protected keywords:

You are bidding on these keywords, and you have the highest Share of Voice (visibility).

Unprotected keywords:

You are not bidding on these keywords, and no other apps are either.

Defended keywords:

You are bidding on these keywords, but you don’t have the highest SOV.

Attacked keywords:

You are not bidding on these keywords, but other apps are.

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