Ez Bill - Tip Calculator

Ez Bill - Tip Calculator

Tip calculator and a tip guide

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    July 27, 2020

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  • Ez Bill - Tip Calculatorのスクリーンショット
  • Ez Bill - Tip Calculatorのスクリーンショット
  • Ez Bill - Tip Calculatorのスクリーンショット
  • Ez Bill - Tip Calculatorのスクリーンショット





Now available on your Apple Watch to make tipping even easier and more fun!!!

Your bill, lickety split!

Ez Bill is the best way to end a meal with friends on a sweet note. With a few taps and swipes, you and your friends will know what each person's bill and tip should be.

And because no one likes staring at a bright screen in a dim room, we've designed this app so you'll look cloaked in candlelight as you split the bill. You're welcome.

• Calculate each person's base bill and tip amount
• Split bill with up to 30 people
• Customizable service based tipping with a fun touch
• Load the tip calculator on the today screen for your convenience

How easy is Ez?

When you fire up the app, type in your total bill. Then tap the face and person icons to swipe your way to the appropriate tip and the number of diners. It's that easy! And for all you people who like things even more nice and neat, Ez Bill can split your bill with a rounded tip amount or rounded total.

Now, even though we created Ez Bill to help you make sure everyone pays the same, we know you don't necessarily want your apps to look the same. So, we offer great customization options:

• Choose your preferred background
• Manage your default tip percentages
• Choose your own tip labels

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