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Increased downloads on Google Play 300% with ASO

Find out how App Growth Network grew organic downloads 300% for Ninja Number on the Google Play Store.

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App Growth Network is a full-service app product marketing agency. They focus on app optimization throughout the entire funnel from media performance all the way through N-Day Retention analysis. They’re a global team of professional app marketing consultants based all around the globe. They use AppTweak as their main ASO tool to provide recommendations to their clients.


The client, Ninja Number - a second phone number app, wanted to improve their organic acquisition on the Google Play Store with the least amount of media spend. The main goal was to outrank the key competitors and increase market share in the niche that offers a second business phone line.


The team used AppTweak to analyze over 500 short-tail and long-tail keywords. They then focussed on replacing the keywords in the current metadata that showed low relevancy and traffic with ones with more potential. For these top keywords, the team tried to increase density to 3%. Using AppTweak, they monitored the performance of the updates closely and new recommendations were prepared every 3 - 4 weeks. With every update low performing keywords were replaced with more relevant ones.


Within a 3-month time period, the analysis and re-allocation of keywords resulted in a three-fold increase in organic downloads due to the increase in keyword rankings on top keywords.

Arturo Méndez - Head of ASO for AGN

Arturo Méndez - Head of ASO for AGN

There are several tools for ASO in the market and AppTweak is the best when it comes to ASO analysis and reporting. The interface is simple and intuitive and the data they provide is quite accurate.

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Keyword Research & Suggestions

Find the search terms users use most when searching in the app stores.

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Competition Monitoring

Spy on your competitors and find out which keywords drive most downloads to their app.

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Keyword Monitoring

Stay on top of keyword movements and closely monitor your app’s performance.

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Keyword Impact

See how many downloads you gain from improving your rankings for your top priority keywords.

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  • We were looking for a tool primarily for keyword research which would relatively quickly give us keyword data in many localisations and markets.

    Agata Jajszczyk

    ASO Manager at Babbel
  • AppTweak is clear, visual and effective.

    Anastazia Mrozek

    Campaign Manager at an App Marketing Bureau
  • AppTweak conveys a startup culture of building the best user experience for managing ASO activities.

    Moshi Blum

    User Acquisition and Growth at Viber

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