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The Ultimate App Store Reviews and Ratings Guide

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The Ultimate App Store Reviews and Ratings Guide

Let’s continue this “Ultimate Guide” series! This week’s guest post was written for Erminesoft, mobile app development company. Learn everything you need to know on mobile app reviews thanks to this complete guide on the latest best practices. Let’s go for the five stars, shall we?

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Long gone are the days when App Stores were the place where a couple of tech geeks would fish for the newest Apps to test. Today, they have become the center of solutions to everyday problems for most of us. Indeed, Apple and Google both know it very well and are trying hard to humanize the app stores as much as possible. Their efforts basically target one main element – the review. The goal is to make the whole experience more social. In short, the reviews now have a higher impact on the App Store algorithm – thus a higher chance of affecting your ranking.

An app review is basically a person’s genuine feel about your app. Unfortunately, people tend to be much more genuine and honest when they’re having a negative experience or do not feel good about something. Even you are probably going to be much more vocal about a Michelin restaurant that treated you badly, rather than praising an average pizzeria around the corner. It is precisely for this reason, that it is becoming very important to develop a good strategy to minimize the appearance of negative reviews and maximize the positive ones.

This guide will walk you through some tips and tricks on how to develop a solid approach to gathering more reviews with a positive tone and leverage the maximum out of that negativity! So let’s go for the five stars, shall we?

That app’s a lifesaver! Shall I buy it? Oh wait… but how about that one instead?

Tough choices, huh? We live in an age, where sometimes we have so much choice that we simply need to ask others for their opinion in order to figure out what the best option is! That’s true if we go shopping, if we want an opinion about our new crush, if we wanna go on holidays, and most importantly in the App Stores! Yep, of the first things we do on the stores is to check out what the others are saying. It has become so important, that if we see an app with a low rating, we don’t even bother reading the criticism. What is more important – we probably even won’t find it in the first place!

Why is that? Well, Apple and Google make sure that apps with high amounts of negative reviews never make it up to the top of the ranking. The reverse applies to apps with positive reviews. The more approving comments an app has, the higher the chances of improving its ranking position! Both Apple and Google know that an app’s reputation can be quantified. Ultimately, during the process of downloading, users trust other users just like we trust our friends’ opinion on a new piece of clothes we’re about to buy.

To be sure that the quantification, or in other words, the reviews’ impact on the algorithm is as accurate as possible, both Google and Apple have taken several steps in order to ensure that the displayed reviews come from genuine users – preventing thus any attempts of cheating. To post a valid review in Apple’s App Store, a user will first need to connect his iTunes account. Doing this in Google Play requires even more action – for a review to get posted, it is essential to log into Google+ account and post the review under the user’s full name. This way, Google can make sure that all reviews are coming from genuine accounts. It may seem like a lot of trouble for few simple lines, but in turn, the reviews from active and trustworthy users will have a higher impact on the app store algorithm. Suspicious, inactive or incomplete profiles thus don’t score a chance!

app-reviews-ratings.jpg Source: Localytics

“I don’t care what they say”… said no one in the App Store Business!

And you shouldn’t either! Reviews and Ratings are essentially a gold mine for any developer or marketer! By regularly monitoring what users get to say about your app, you not only get a feel about how users use your app, but you discover, which features work the most and which don’t! In other words, the possibilities for streamlining the marketing and the app performance are endless!

You should also not get scared if you see […]

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