Building a comprehensive ASO report for better prioritizing

Learn how Deezer uses AppTweak to build weekly management reports on their ASO performance and improve their decision making.

企業情報 Deezer

The Deezer app offers people music and podcasts in streaming, covering a catalog of over 56 million tracks. It provides users with seamless music recommendations and exclusive contents to enjoy a personalized audio experience every day.


The team at Deezer allocates time every week to compile a report on ASO performance for its management to help them decide how to prioritize ASO efforts and other marketing channels for its different key markets.

The team wanted to be able to collect all relevant data from one single tool not only for its own app, but also 5 competitors across 10 markets and for both iOS & Android.


With AppTweak, the Deezer team was able to reduce to a minimum the time necessary to compile a comprehensive performance and competition report. With the top charts and timeline features, the team was able to monitor its standing versus competitors in the Music category and keep track of competitors ASO efforts.

Furthermore, using a variety of keyword tools, the team was able to identify the most important generic keywords it would need to target to maximize visibility in organic search, and how many downloads they could expect from ranking for them.


By monitoring the app’s ASO performance weekly and using AppTweak’s reports for fast decision-making across various marketing teams, Deezer was able to grow by 70% in the MENA region during the first half of 2019 and managed to rank in the top 5 in the iOS Music category in growing markets.

Mohand Kabeche - Growth Marketing Manager

Mohand Kabeche - Growth Marketing Manager

AppTweak helps our ASO team monitor our performance as well as our competitors store visibility in multiple countries on a daily basis. It provides us with precious insights that allow us to measure, understand and pilot our efforts. It’s an all in one ASO tool with a very easy-to-use interface.


Competition Monitoring

Monitor your competitor metadata updates and detect when they are running A/B tests on Google Play.


Top Charts

Track the App Store Top Charts and identify the top players or newcomers in your market.


Keyword Suggestions

Find the search terms users use most when searching in the app stores.


Keyword Impact

See how many downloads you gain from improving your rankings for your top priority keywords.

  • AppTweakは次世代のASOツールとしてアプリマーケティング業務の効率化を進めてくれます。


  • AppTweakを導入して以来、3か月間でオーガニックダウンロード数を1,400%増加させました。


  • AppTweakを使うと狙うべきキーワードが明確になります。