Understanding the impact of a featuring with AppTweak

Learn how Medisafe uses AppTweak to understand the impact of a Featured Story on app downloads and keyword visibility

企業情報 Medisafe

The Medisafe app helps people manage their medications and prescriptions. It facilitates medication adherence by enabling patients to set reminders and share intake and health indicator history with their providers.


The team at Medisafe allocates a lot of time and effort into optimizing their app according to the Apple’s and Google’s best practices.

As a result, the app got featured in the Today tab in the App Store in more than 28 countries. The team wanted to understand the impact of this featuring on app downloads, keyword visibility and reviews.


With AppTweak the Medisafe team could first understand exactly when and in which countries the app got featured.

With the App Intelligence feature they analyzed the impact on download estimates and category rankings across all 28 countries.

Using a variety of keyword tools, Medisafe studied on which relevant keywords they gained rankings as a result of the boost in downloads.

AppTweak’s rank tracking features helped to understand whether this gain in rankings is long term or only temporary.


As a direct result of the featuring, app downloads increased more than 850% globally and its ranking in the Medical Category reached the #1 position in 9 countries.

The impact on keyword rankings was less outspoken but the app did gain top 3 rankings for some very relevant keywords which help drive more downloads in the long term.

App reviews more than tripled. The privilege of being featured in the app store only comes to very few. Having a high quality app that is constantly updated with user feedback and Apple’s latest features is key

Brian Carr

Brian Carr

AppTweak provides all the levers and KPIs that can make your app successful ~ along with real-time knowledge about competitors and benchmarks.


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  • AppTweakを導入して以来、3か月間でオーガニックダウンロード数を1,400%増加させました。


  • AppTweakを使うと狙うべきキーワードが明確になります。


  • AppTweakは次世代のASOツールとしてアプリマーケティング業務の効率化を進めてくれます。