Ad Intelligence for Apps & Games Uncover Insights to Fuel Your Mobile Ad Strategy Find out who is bidding on your top-performing keywords or spy on your competitor's search advertising strategy.

Why Customers Choose Us?

Our ads features have been designed to enhance competition comparison while allowing you to rapidly identify new opportunities.


Searches a day per keyword to analyze in depth SOV


Countries supported


keywords tracked every day

Find out which keywords competitors are bidding on

Paid Keywords

Spy on your competitors and see which keywords they are currently bidding on with Apple Search Ads.

Google Ads Keywords

Running Google App Campaigns? Find out on which keywords Google is showing your ads.

Find out which keywords competitors are bidding on

Protect your most popular keywords

Organic Keyword Protection

Find out who is running ads on your top performing organic keywords.

Competition Status

Discover which competitor is your biggest threat and has the highest Share of Voice on your top organic keywords.

Protect your most popular keywords

Monitor your app’s Share of Voice

In-Depth SOV

How often does your ad show up in search results? We make up to 50 searches a day on a keyword to try to capture as many ads as possible and show you the most accurate Share of Voice for each keyword.

SOV History

Are competitors increasing or decreasing their bids on your top keywords? Find out with our detailed SOV History feature.

Monitor your app’s Share of Voice

Start optimizing your Search Ads today!

AppTweak is a comprehensive tool allowing us to perform keyword research relatively quickly in many localizations and markets.

Agata Jajszczyk
ASO Manager

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Agata Jajszczyk<br /> ASO Manager