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Monitor the app stores’ Top Charts and identify top players in your market.

  • Browse Today’s Top Charts

    See which apps are trending today. Browse the top charts (free, paid and grossing) in both the App Store & Google Play Store in 100+ countries directly on AppTweak.

    Browse Today’s Top Charts
  • Compare Top Charts Across Countries

    You can now compare the top charts across countries in one view. Quickly spot in which countries your competitors have a strong presence or in which countries local apps are dominating the charts.

    Compare Top Charts Across Countries
  • Top Charts History

    Wondering which apps were ranking in the top 10 in your category one month ago? With AppTweak you can filter the top charts by date and see which apps were dominating the top charts in the past.

    Top Charts History
  • Downloads to Reach Top

    Want to know what it will take to rank in the top 1, 5 or 10 of your category? Have a look at our Market Intelligence add-on. With our Downloads to Top feature you can see how many downloads your app needs to rank in the top of its category.

    Learn more Downloads to Reach Top
Browse Today’s Top Charts

*The Market Intelligence feature starts at $299/mo and is available as an add-on to your AppTweak Subscription.

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