Meet our team

Behind our ASO tool, there is a team of talented and motivated people. Each one of them contributes in their own way to the success and growth of the company.

As a company, our mission is to make sure to offer the best working environment where everyone can develop itself and feel that they belong. We welcome everyone, regardless of their gender, origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

  • Ian Pernia

    Ian Pernia

    Senior App Growth Consultant

  • Justin Duckers

    Justin Duckers

    App Growth Consultant

  • Simon Thillay

    Simon Thillay

    Head of ASO

  • Bojana Zhivanova

    Bojana Zhivanova

    Back End Developer

  • Thiago Santos Magalhães

    Thiago Santos Magalhães

    Head of Back-end

  • Anne Jamet

    Anne Jamet

    Confirmed Product Manager

  • Jonathan Frisch

    Jonathan Frisch

    Head of Data Science

  • Alexandre Plennevaux

    Alexandre Plennevaux

    Web Developer

  • Paloma Andrada

    Paloma Andrada

    UX/UI Designer

  • Daniel Susviela

    Daniel Susviela

    Full-stack Developer

  • Andy Hoebeke

    Andy Hoebeke

    Front End Developer

  • Annouk Watillon

    Annouk Watillon

    Front End Developer

  • Karan Lakhwani

    Karan Lakhwani

    Head of Business Development India

  • Thilak Sarda

    Thilak Sarda

    Demand Generation Manager

  • Joséphine Cuisance

    Joséphine Cuisance

    Account Manager

  • Jonathan Berthe

    Jonathan Berthe

    Full Stack Developer

  • Sukanya Sur

    Sukanya Sur

    Content Marketing Specialist

  • Minoru Yamamoto

    Minoru Yamamoto

    Account executive

  • Madeleine Hoy

    Madeleine Hoy

    App Growth Consultant

  • Lucy Peirson

    Lucy Peirson

    Account Executive

  • Nathalie Azzi

    Nathalie Azzi

    Growth Marketing Manager

  • Alexandra Duquenoy

    Alexandra Duquenoy

    Digital Marketing Designer

  • Natsuhi Yasuda

    Natsuhi Yasuda

    Head of Business Development Japan

  • Candice Cheng

    Candice Cheng

    Marketing Operations

  • Rina Yoshida

    Rina Yoshida

    Marketing Associate

  • Renato Cerqueira

    Renato Cerqueira

    Tech Lead

  • Madeleine Le Sergent

    Madeleine Le Sergent

    Head of Talent

  • Lucas Weinberg

    Lucas Weinberg

    Junior Data Scientist

  • Jazz Alcanices

    Jazz Alcanices

    Junior Account Executive

  • Karin Masuda

    Karin Masuda

    Account Executive

  • Alexandre Mathieu

    Alexandre Mathieu


  • Lara Garit

    Lara Garit

    Head of Partnerships

  • Romain Borremans

    Romain Borremans

    UI/UX Designer

  • Gabi Yoon

    Gabi Yoon

    Business Development Manager

  • Emily Sugrue

    Emily Sugrue

    App Growth Consultant

  • Biljana Sotirovska

    Biljana Sotirovska

    Front End Developer

  • Sergio Florez

    Sergio Florez

    Junior Product Manager

  • Henry Mossop

    Henry Mossop

    Head of Sales Europe

  • Sarah Touimi

    Sarah Touimi

    Senior App Growth Consultant

  • Romain Foncier

    Romain Foncier

    VP Engineering

  • Shivani Shukla

    Shivani Shukla

    Customer Success Manager - ASO Expert

  • Suleika Vanmaele

    Suleika Vanmaele

    App Growth Consultant

  • Alex Moulder

    Alex Moulder

    Account Manager

  • David Thomisse

    David Thomisse

    Head of Design

  • Oriane Ineza

    Oriane Ineza

    Content Marketing Specialist

  • Olivier Verdin

    Olivier Verdin

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Rupali Raghav

    Rupali Raghav

    Account Executive

  • Alexander Heming

    Alexander Heming

    UI/UX Designer

  • Athenais Lapeyre

    Athenais Lapeyre

    Front End Developer

  • Alexandra Geelhand

    Alexandra Geelhand

    Office Manager

  • Alexis Steyvoort

    Alexis Steyvoort

    Full Stack Developer

  • Guillaume Wissocq

    Guillaume Wissocq


  • Cédric Bousmanne

    Cédric Bousmanne

    Full-stack Tech Lead

  • Lucas Riedinger

    Lucas Riedinger

    Junior Product Manager

  • Maria Trujillo

    Maria Trujillo

    Account Manager

  • Ines Henriette

    Ines Henriette

    Data Scientist

  • Lionel Ovaert

    Lionel Ovaert

    Data Science Tech Lead

  • David Adegnon

    David Adegnon

    Agile Test Engineer

  • Marie-Laure Cruyt

    Marie-Laure Cruyt


  • Raissa Venezia Borba

    Raissa Venezia Borba

    Front End Developer

  • Cédric Bamps

    Cédric Bamps

    Tech Lead Front End

  • Stefanos Lianos

    Stefanos Lianos

    Head of Full-stack

  • Anthony Ansuncion

    Anthony Ansuncion

    App Growth Consultant

  • Galy Haleblian

    Galy Haleblian

    App Growth Consultant

  • Krishita Mehta

    Krishita Mehta

    Junior Account Executive

  • Kevin Tricot

    Kevin Tricot

    Senior Back-end Developer

  • Léa Marrazzo

    Léa Marrazzo

    Inbound Marketing Manager

  • Nicolas Ansaldi

    Nicolas Ansaldi

    Account Manager

  • Florentin Zachary

    Florentin Zachary

    Product Manager

  • Jean-Paul Roisin

    Jean-Paul Roisin

    Front End Developer

  • Agathe Pradat

    Agathe Pradat

    App Growth Consultant

  • Avinash KP

    Avinash KP

    App Marketing Consultant

  • Gabriela Torres Martinez

    Gabriela Torres Martinez

    People Operations & Office Manager

  • Sebastien Duchateau

    Sebastien Duchateau

    Account Executive

  • Taya Ann Franchville

    Taya Ann Franchville

    App Growth Consultant

  • Steffany Loli Prado

    Steffany Loli Prado

    Talent Manager

  • Ryan Kipple

    Ryan Kipple

    Account Manager

  • Flavien Eyer

    Flavien Eyer

    Confirmed Product Manager

  • Ramzi Salem

    Ramzi Salem

    UX/UI Designer

  • Antoine Bentin

    Antoine Bentin

    Confirmed Product Manager

  • Samuel Lesire

    Samuel Lesire

    UI Engineer

  • Georgia Shepherd

    Georgia Shepherd

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Jenna Anderson

    Jenna Anderson

    Office Manager

  • Emilie Lamy

    Emilie Lamy

    Junior Front End Developer

  • Oscar Véron

    Oscar Véron

    Account Executive

  • Valeria Rusu

    Valeria Rusu

    App Growth Consultant

  • Manana Svanidze

    Manana Svanidze

    QA Engineer

  • Alexandra De Clerck

    Alexandra De Clerck


  • Michael Ajami

    Michael Ajami

    Head of International Growth

  • Eloïse Clement

    Eloïse Clement

    Visual Designer

  • Damien Depaepe

    Damien Depaepe

    International Growth

  • Paulo Sousa Peixoto

    Paulo Sousa Peixoto

    Accounting Manager

  • Benoît Deslandes

    Benoît Deslandes

    Confirmed Data Scientist

  • Thyago Cruz Lopes

    Thyago Cruz Lopes

    Back-end developer

  • Martin Techy

    Martin Techy

    Head of Front End

  • Franck Trouillez

    Franck Trouillez

    Junior Fullstack

  • Laurie Galazzo

    Laurie Galazzo


  • Anita Carolina

    Anita Carolina

    UX/UI Designer

  • Maryam Galander

    Maryam Galander

    Revenue Operation Associate

  • Reza Keshmir

    Reza Keshmir

    Front End Developer

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