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How It Works

Find growth opportunities across countries and categories

Market Share Analysis

Understand which categories or countries are experiencing the largest growth by analyzing market trends based on app downloads and revenue estimates across the world.

Top Apps Analysis

Discover which apps are the most powerful across your categories and target countries. Quickly spot new game launches or up-and-coming apps.

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Find growth opportunities across countries and categories

Identify top players in your market

Top Charts Across Countries

Quickly identify in which countries your competitors have a strong presence or in which countries local apps are dominating the Top Charts

Downloads to Reach Top

Identify how many downloads your app needs to rank in the top 1, 5 or 10 in its category. Use this information to make an informed decision when choosing your app category.

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Identify top players in your market

Uncover seasonality across categories

Seasonality Trends

Find out if your category generates more downloads during weekdays or weekends, and which month of the year generates the most installs.

Growth Forecast

Get an accurate estimation of the market share growth in your category for the upcoming months.

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Uncover seasonality across categories

Benchmark app performance against your category


Integrate your App Store & Google Play Store consoles and compare your app downloads with download estimates of top apps in your category.


Benchmark your app or game’s performance against category averages. Find out whether or not your app outperforms your market and see if your category experiences the same peaks or dips per month or day of the week.

Benchmark app performance against your category
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    I needed reliable keyword tracking in multiple languages. AppTweak seemed the most transparent, reliable and was affordable.

    Nick Duddy


    ASO Expert at Miratrix
  • Smartnews

    From keyword rank tracking to competitor insights, AppTweak provides various levels of feedback that help inform my ASO process.

    Andrew Kim


    Growth at SmartNews
  • Voyage Privé

    We’ve been doing ASO at Voyage Privé for 3 years. For 1 year, we’ve been using AppTweak to increase our rankings and drive more downloads.

    Quentin Lairy

    Voyage Privé

    Product Manager Mobile at Voyage Privé