Our Social Responsibility

Why We Are Committed to Social Responsibility

At AppTweak we realize it is our responsibility to set an example when it comes to contributing to our environment and giving back to society. As a profitable and growing company, we want to have a positive impact on the communities around us.

By starting with small considerations in mind, we can impact our decisions moving forward. Every step of the way we will strive to make choices with minimal environmental impact and positive influence on our society. We believe that while continuing our business development we can be profitable and become an influence for good in our communities.

How We Make a Difference

We take part in social and environmental projects and help organizations on topics that matter to us, while aligning with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Not only do we support charities through financial support, everyone at AppTweak gets the opportunity to contribute personally through volunteering.

1% MRR

Every quarter, AppTweak makes a donation to an organization. The value of the donation represents 1% of our monthly recurring revenue multiplied by 3.

1 volunteering day

Every quarter, the AppTweak team dedicates one day to volunteer and help an organization, both in San Francisco and Brussels.

What We Have Done So Far

We were very delighted to work with Arc-en-Ciel, Alemany Farm, the Foundation against Cancer, the Center for the Prevention of Conjugal and Family Violence (CPVCF) and the Chain of Hope.

Our team in Brussels has worked with Arc-en-Ciel to collect and distribute Christmas presents to underprivileged kids.
The team in San Francisco volunteered at Alemany Farm, an organization dedicated to providing fresh produce to local communities.

AppTweak also made generous donations to the Foundation against Cancer to support medical research, to the Center for the Prevention of Conjugal and Family Violence to support their projects against domestic violence, and to the Chain of Hope to support children's health.

Also, we have decided to take part in the folding@home project.
Thanks to folding@home, we can donate computer power and help run simulations for protein development. This is helping medical research, including COVID-19.

  • Our Social Responsibility
  • Our Social Responsibility
  • Our Social Responsibility
  • Our Social Responsibility