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Quickly find new keyword opportunities to grow your app’s visibility.

Find New Keyword Ideas For Your App or Game

All Ranked Keywords

Get a full list of all the keywords your app or game is ranking top 100 for.

Top Keywords

Discover the keywords that drive the most downloads to your or your competitors’ apps.

Opportunity Keywords

Quickly spot new ranking opportunities by analyzing the keywords your competitors rank for and you don’t.

Search Ads Recommendations

See Apple’s keyword recommendations for any app in the App Store, in every country.


Get long-tail keyword ideas with Apple and Google’s auto suggestions.

Top Growth

Find out which keywords are trending in the App Store.

Choose the Most Relevant Keywords

  • Real Keyword Search Volume

    AppTweak is one of the first and only tools to show Apple’s real Keyword Search Popularity score. Use this metric to understand how often a keyword is searched for in the app stores.

  • Difficulty & Chance Score

    Prioritize your keyword research and choose to target keywords that have a low competition score for which you have the highest chance to rank.

  • Organic Installs per Keyword

    Get an estimate of how many downloads each of your keywords is driving to your app based on your current ranking. Identify high value keywords with a lot of potential for growth.

Real Keyword Search Volume

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