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Interview with Johannes von Cramon

What was it about this industry that made you choose it as a primary job?

Being a digital native I was always highly interested in mobile, especially since the app store launch in 2008. But as I recognised how important it is for a successful app to have a decent marketing strategy and how badly they are enforced by german publishers I wanted to bring those Silicon Valley growth stories to our neighbourhood.

How do you see the world of ASO and App marketing evolving?

Mobile is eating the world, but also changing pretty quick. With all the new technologies on the rise like IoT, VR, Chatbots etc. the app stores might loose some traffic to other platforms in the future. Nevertheless, organic search will stay one of the most important acquisition channels for every business and there will always be some kind of a showcase with icons, screenshots, videos etc. to give users a preview of the UX. For app marketing in general it’s the same thing. New strategies will evolve and existing one will have to change due to their circumstances.

What should be the biggest focus for app developers and marketers in 2017?

That depends on where you’re standing right now. Generally speaking the focus should be on really doing stuff instead of just talking about it. Almost everything in app marketing comes down to [...]

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