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How Wix achieved a remarkable 257% growth in #1 keywords in a month

  • #1ranking on their top 3 keywords
  • +257%keywords ranked #1 on the Play Store
Client profile:

Founded in 2006, Wix,  a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, , is used by more than 254 million users worldwide.  One of Wix’s products, the mobile app called “Wix Owner – Website Builder,” allows Wix users to conveniently design, customize, and manage their websites from anywhere they choose.

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Given the fierce competition in the website-making industry, the team responsible for the Wix Owner app was determined to find ways to outshine competitors and boost its visibility on app stores so more users could more easily discover and use the app. One strategy included turning to AppTweak’s leading app store acquisition platform.

The main objective in using AppTweak was to improve the app’s keyword ranking and increase the number of keywords where the Wix Owner app ranked within the top 10.


Improving an app’s visibility can happen in various ways, like through search results, getting featured, Browse and Explore traffic in the app stores, or using Search Ads. For Wix, the team wanted to boost visibility through search by optimizing keywords.

To achieve this, the team conducted thorough keyword research using AppTweak’s ASO Tools. They began by using the Keyword Research Tab to find relevant keywords and suggestions, analyzing their performance. AppTweak’s smart metrics like Volume, Relevancy, and Installs helped them choose the best keywords for Wix.

By using this tool, the team identified the top-priority keywords for Wix’s metadata and pinpointed the keywords targeted by Wix’s competitors. Understanding the keywords competitors rank for is crucial to discover where an app might be lacking visibility and where new opportunities lie.

Otherhelpful features for competitor research, included:

  • Position map, which compared Wix’s current visibility to competitors for a selected list of keywords
  • ASO Timeline, providing the ability to track competitor metadata updates and analyze past ASO changes made by Wix’s competitors
  • ASO Report, which helped compare Wix’s metadata with that of competitors

After the research, Wix tested the new metadata and monitored its performance over time. During this testing and monitoring phase, team members used AppTweak features like:

  • Store Listing Preview, which helped visualize how Wix’s metadata would appear on both App Store and Google Play.
  • Visibility History, to track Wix’s visibility score and ranking progress over time.
  • Keyword Impact Tab, which helped monitor the growth of organic installs and understand how keyword changes impacted Wix’s performance compared to competitors.



After making changes to their app’s metadata, Wix experienced an impressive boost in visibility on the Google Play Store in the US in just 4 months. They even secured the top spot for their top 3 keywords: “website builder,” “website creator,” and “website maker.”

Image - Wix case study - Android-Website-Builder - img 1
Estimated keyword rankings for “website builder” on the Google Play Store in the US
Image - Wix case study - Android-Website-Creator - img 2
Estimated keyword rankings for “website creator” on the Google Play Store in the US
Image - Wix case study - Android-Website-Maker - img 3
Estimated keyword rankings for “website maker” on the Google Play Store in the US

But that’s not all. Wix also expanded the number of keywords they ranked for and improved their positions. In just 1 month, they saw a 257% increase in keywords ranked at #1 on the US Google Play Store and a 31% increase on the US App Store.

With these remarkable results, the team is excited to enhance the visibility of the Wix Owner app on the app stores. Increased visibility is crucial for driving downloads and raising awareness of the app among users. The achieved results will also assist the team in creating a seamless customer journey, ensuring that they can connect with their app users through every available channel and provide the best app experience.


Image - Roni Rechanik - Wix - 2 Roni Rechanik | ASO Specialist
As a data-driven company, we always seek the best data sources out there. Working with AppTweak has not only improved our analytical capabilities, but has also increased our apps’ performance in the app stores. We are excited about this collaboration and for what’s yet to come.