How SoundCloud scaled its ASA campaigns and doubled installs

  • x3keywords targeted
  • +98%increase in installs
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SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio platform. Since launching in 2008, SoundCloud has been differentiating itself thanks to its unique content and features, including the ability to share music and connect directly with artists, as well as unearth breakthrough tracks, raw demos, podcasts and more

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SoundCloud’s UA (organic+paid) is mainly driven by Search traffic. As a result, SoundCloud’s growth marketing team had identified Apple Search Ads as a key channel to invest in for their paid UA efforts.

After having started researching with AppTweak potential synergies between ASO efforts and ASA campaigns, we identified some campaign inefficiencies, however SoundCloud’s team was unable to address those because of a lack of resources. As a result, SoundCloud’s team asked AppTweak’s team to step in and evaluate what improvements could be made to revert the pending decision to start decreasing budgets for Apple Search Ads.


AppTweak’s App Growth Consultancy and Data Science teams collaborated with SoundCloud’s team and implemented a multi-step approach to restructure SoundCloud’s Apple Search Ads campaigns and achieve the desired goal: 

How SoundCloud identified multiple keywords and ad groups that would benefit from Custom Product Pages
SoundCloud identified multiple keywords and ad groups that would benefit from Custom Product Pages


Number of keywords targeted over x3

Comparing the last week before start and the last week of February, AppTweak managed to grow the amount of targeted keywords by more than 330%, also resulting in a +69.5% increase in the total number of search terms on which ads were placed.

Campaign performances: +97.5% installs, -6.6% CPI and reaching 99% budget efficiency

Comparing again the last week before AppTweak started managing SoundCloud’s Apple Search Ads campaigns with the last week of February (4 months later), campaigns now bring almost twice the amount of installs at a lower Cost Per Install, thus reaching 99% of the target budget compared to only 54.6% before at the end of October.

Campaign Performance Benchmark: reaching a Cost per Install below the 25th percentile

According to AppTweak’s benchmarks, the average Cost per Install of SoundCloud’s ASA campaign for the entire month of February is below the 25th percentile of ASA campaigns of all apps in the Music Category in the US, and this despite having smartly cut on brand defense campaigns (which usually lower the reported average Cost Per Install of apps).

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Juliette Swersky - SoundCloud Juliette Swersky | Growth Marketing Manager
AppTweak’s team helped us improve, monitor, and measure our store performance. It has been a joy working with such a dynamic and dedicated team of ASO professionals who always went the extra mile to make sure we hit our goals.