Why AppTweak AppTweak is the easiest and most effective tool to grow app businesses of all sizes.

Why Customers Choose Us?

Everyday we strive to build the most accurate, transparent and easy-to-use ASO tool.

Most Accurate

AppTweak is an ASO pioneer, we have been tracking data since 2014, on a daily basis. Did you know for example that AppTweak is the first tool to implement Apple’s Keyword Search Popularity? Other tools still rely on web volume to provide an estimation for keyword search volume.

AppTweak provides the best tools and support for scaling our ASO initiatives to the next level.

Daniel Carrero

Senior Marketing Manager
Daniel Carrero

Most Transparent

To help users optimize their ASO strategy we make sure they fully understand how we gather and calculate our data. We believe this is important as it will help you make more informed decisions on how to optimize your app.

The personal touch and openness regarding data together with constant tool improvements make AppTweak different.

Ekaterina Petrakov

Marketing Lead
Ekaterina Petrakov

Most Easy-to-Use

ASO can be overwhelming, but not with AppTweak! Since the beginning customers love AppTweak for its user-centered and intuitive design.

AppTweak's UI is the most simple and straightforward.

Pablo Penny

Managing Director
Pablo Penny

What Makes Us Different

Every day, we empower marketers to audit, optimize and monitor their mobile app performance.


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Trusted by 1,500+ Mobile Leaders

What “Driven by Data Science” Actually Means

Every day, we gather reliable data and leverage data science to highlight vital metrics and actionable insights. This principle is at the heart of everything we do. How do we put this in practice? Let us show you an example of how we developed our Similar Apps feature.

  1. Get data and store it

    First things first, we collect data. We started by fetching, tracking and storing every app listed in the Similar Apps section of every app page.

  2. Use data science to analyze it

    Then, our data scientists use their skills to analyze and make sense out of this data. That is how they identified a clear pattern on how apps are linking to each other in the Similar Apps section.

  3. Define KPIs and insights

    Next, they define the KPIs and insights that will have an impact for our users, such as Estimated Views. This metric helps you understand how many impressions your app receives from appearing on other app pages in the Similar Apps section.

  4. Design intuitive interface

    Last but not least, our talented designers and developers build an intuitive interface to help you access this data!

Driving Growth in Various Industries

From the Gaming category to Travel, Music or Finance industry, we cover it all! Learn how some of our clients have grown their businesses with ASO.

Medisafe’s app got featured in the App Store in more than 28 countries and used AppTweak to analyze the impact on downloads. They found app downloads increased more than 850% globally and rankings in the Medical Category reached the #1 position in 9 countries.

Brian Carr - VP Growth

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Brian Carr - VP Growth

Recognized ASO Leader

AppTweak has been awarded “Best ASO Company” by the App Growth Summit Awards. We’re also very proud to be recognized as the 6th fastest-growing technology company in Deloitte Belgium’s Fast 50 competition.

Our Trusted Partners

We’re very proud to partner with technology leaders to provide app marketers and app developers with the best practices that can help them improve their mobile strategies and increase their app downloads!

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