Steve Young

Founder, App Masters
Bay Area

App Masters has helped multiple clients get featured by Apple, 5X downloads using ASO and land major press coverage.

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Interview with Steve Young

How do you see the world of ASO and App marketing evolving in a few words?

Evolving towards... “be more religious”. There, that’s a few words, meaning that I share a lot of tactics and strategies. But I think if you pull back the foundational elements of really creating a good app, having good retention, those are still key elements of a good ASO strategy.

All the things that I talk about, the tactics and the strategies, they work if you only have the other two, which is a good app that retains users and that monetizes well. I think it’s still the foundations. So I guess… “be more religious” about how your approach to ASO.

What should be the biggest focus for app developers and marketers in 2017?

All the different strategies out there, they only work if you have a really good app. So that’s the hard part. And that’s the part that we can’t answer, I can’t give you like a definitive answer to “what makes a really good app” and “what really retain users”, that’s the hard part. If we had like a strategy for that, I think we’d all be there.

Tell us about your most challenging ASO “experiment”. How did you manage to help app ranking better for keywords, and which strategy did you use?

So, I’ll take it back a couple of ways. One of the most difficult ones that we help the client was more in the messaging space. We couldn’t increase downloads, it was a free app. But I was doubling impressions! So I was like, “what else can I do here?” because we’ve optimized the keywords, we’re ranking a lot better on his most desired keywords but the downloads were not increasing. So, from that, I’m thinking that “hey we need to be in the Top 3” for the keywords, otherwise it’s not going to do anything. Because we’re number 6 on really popular keywords and it was number 11 first but it was not moving the needle. So that’s my hypothesis and I’ve talked to other people who kind of believe that. You have to be 1 or 2 but I think 3 is okay too. So that’s one difficult strategy.

What we did with them is run a strategy called a “Search Boost” campaign. This is something that I am new to because people have been doing this for a little bit now but essentially what you do is you get a pool of users to [...]

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Steve Young